150 + Group Discussion Topics 2017: Group is discussion is the very important in job selection process. Witht he help of it, they find the speaking capability of the candidates. So here is the list of  around 150+ Group Discussion Topics topics that contains topics related to social issues, technical, sports, general, management, educational, economics and business, Politics and tending topics for every students whether he is an engineering student, IAS preparation, MBA, SSB Interview etc.

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150 + Group Discussion Topics 2017

Trending Topics

  1. Will India ever get a chance to host the Olympics?
  2. Virat Kohli vs. Anil Kumble: should players allow to question their senior coach?
  3. What are the golden rules for clearing any interview?
  4. How successful will GST be in the longer run?
  5. Do we really need bullet trains?
  6. Indian goods vs. Chinese goods
  7. Can digital payments secure is enough for a cashless Indian economy?
  8. Discuss pros and cons of One India One Election
  9. Political parties religion divides politics
  10. Should Hindi be declared as the official language of India?
  11. How do you rate the present Modi government and why?
  12. Is it a good idea to play the national anthem in cinema halls?
  13. GST Rates- Advantages and disadvantages
  14. Should Air India be privatized? Discuss your opinions
  15. Should Army be allowed to make their decisions without any political interference?
  16. Religions divide us, but problems unite us
  17. Is education system of India needs a modification?
  18. How should the government deal with the high oil prices?
  19. Are Indians conscious about price, not the quality?
  20. Villages in India: our weakness or our strength?
  21. Nationalism vs. Globalization
  22. Should developing countries like India waste their resources on space missions?
  23. Does India require a uniform civil code?
  24. Should India consider the United States as a friend?

General Topics

  1. Are celebrities getting away with the crime very easily in India?
  2. Should India implement two child policy?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of making January to December as a financial year?
  4. Will a law on triple talaq will empower the Muslim women in India?
  5. How to deal with the High oil prices in India?
  6. Is it a common myth among Indians that the public sector is a guarantee of job security?
  7. Should India stop giving subsidies to the agricultural sector?
  8. Will privatization result in a reduction of corruption?
  9. Income disparities created by the technology?
  10. Should finance ministry be run by the businessmen?
  11. Why should rural India need to drink pure water, not Coke & Pepsi?
  12. Brain drain needs to be stopped at any cost?
  13. Should sting operations should be allowed to carry out in India?
  14. Why should we join the Indian defense forces?
  15. How should India deal with the terrorism in the Pakistani border?
  16. How successful is Jan Dhan Yojna so far?
  17. What is the relevance of BRICS and describe its future?
  18. Discuss the merits and demerits of cashless India
  19. Reliance Jio has changed the landscape of telecom sector in India?
  20. Innovation vs. Operational Efficiency
  21. Can 2050 witness India as a superpower
  22. Black Money in India
  23. One Rank One Pension
  24. Indian Presidential Elections 2017
  25. Discuss the effects of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  26. Discuss pros and cons of the Facebook Free
  27. Pros & cons of DRS technology in the cricket
  28. Reservation in India- income based or caste based

Social Issues

  1. Who will get the most benefits from the digital India?
  2. Women’s rights vs. Feminism
  3. What is the fate of eCommerce?
  4. Are social media actually connecting the people?
  5. How much safety the customers have with app-based cab services
  6. Should India increase the number of IITs and IIMs?
  7. Indian youth are corrupted by films
  8. Is women empowerment a reason for increasing divorce rate in the country?
  9. Should Supreme Court set qualifications for the politicians?
  10. What should be the retirement age for the politicians?
  11. India’s progress is hampered by the democracy?
  12. Is it a good idea to implement reservations in the private sector?
  13. Does India deserve a permanent position in the UN Security Council?
  14. Is India’s youth confident or confused?
  15. Does the dress code really matter or not during the interviews?
  16. Which plays the most important role in maintaining the Indian democracy- Indian citizens, political parties or the media?
  17. What India requires is a dictatorship?
  18. Narendra Modi is the most powerful Indian leader of all time?
  19. Is it right to give a NOTA choice to the voters?
  20. How can we save nature or the environment?
  21. E-learning: is it a good substitution for classroom learning?
  22. If I was the Prime Minister of India
  23. Why is cleanliness the social responsibility of all our Indians?
  24. Should we completely ban the smoking in India?
  25. Arrange marriages vs. love marriages
  26. Are Indian women fit for the Indian defense forces?
  27. Is womanhood degraded by the beauty contests?
  28. Should violent movies and serials allow on the television?
  29. Is marriage a social trap for the young generation?
  30. Is it right to ban the Pakistani artists from working in the Bollywood industry?
  31. Should the loudspeakers be banned from the religious places?
  32. Should a politician quit his original professional after becoming a minister?
  33. Will liquor ban on highways results in reducing the number of accidents?
  34. What are the pros and cons of allowing cameras in the courtroom?
  35. Are Gurmehar Kaur’s views on Pakistan is just for publicity?
  36. What are the advantages and disadvantages of net neutrality?
  37. Is it a good idea to make the physical fitness mandatory for the cops?
  38. Should textbooks be replaced with the tablets?
  39. India’s huge population is a boon or bane?
  40. Are e-commerce discounts dangerous in the long run?
  41. Is the world ready for the virtual currency?
  42. What works the most- smart work or hard work?
  43. Jealous or Envious
  44. Effects of the eCommerce companies on the offline store business?
  45. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Brexit from the European Union?
  46. Is FDI a boon or curse in the retail sector?
  47. What is the future of India’s energy security?
  48. Is the world progressing towards the world war 3?
  49. Smartphones: a pain or a painkiller?
  50. The global business affected by the Chinese market?
  51. Tesla Electric Cars- Will they change the way of traveling?
  52. What are the pros and cons of the recruitment agencies?
  53. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of mobile wallet
  54. Facebook required clarifying policies on the removal of content
  55. What you do for a successful career
  56. Politics is run by the barrel of gun
  57. Is remixing the old songs kill their charm
  58. The growing pop-culture and classical music heritage
  59. Rules are meant to be broken
  60. Should a person be honest as straight trees are first to cut
  61. What is the role of ethics in the business management?
  62. Are women better in completing the multitasking work?
  63. Which one is better- Professionally run businesses or family-owned business?
  64. We require more entrepreneurs than managers
  65. What is more important- positive attitude or knowledge?
  66. Should capital punishment be allowed or banned?
  67. The best way to deal with the international terrorism?
  68. Is it must have a universal disarmament?
  69. Should research on animals should be banned?

Technical Topics

  1. Is the internet good for us?
  2. IT boon or curse
  3. Is china a threat to Indian Software Industry?
  4. Need of e-commerce In India
  5. Computer in business
  6. Does India need foreign technology?
  7. Computerization vs. employment
  8. Information technology and India
  9. Online business vs. Offline business
  10. Wifi vs. Bluetooth


  1. Is winning the game is everything?
  2. So much Importance to cricket in India is good or bad for other games
  3. Is t20 steeling one-day or test match shine?
  4. Does sport should be only considered as hobby?
  5. Should played to be banned for match fixing

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