6 reason why is it so hard to get a job in India? These days, getting a good job has become like a dream in India. There was a time when one could get the job by studying hard. But now it is like an impossible task to get job with high salary. So you need to choose a right career path for sure. Also today the numbers of unemployed candidates are increasing so rapidly.

If you are thinking that you are alone then you wrong my friend. There are many others who are facing this crucial stage of their life. But you can’t get happy with this because if others are not getting job then it is not going to give you any benefit. Students have started to find job while studying in the college. But the question remains the same why it is going on with me? What are the reasons behind it so that I can create my own opportunity?

Well my friends there are many reasons for hard competition in jobs search. Of course few of them are not in your control but you can do something from your part too. Here I am giving you 6 reason why it is so hard to get a job in India. I hope you can find that what is in your hand to get out of this job search depression.

6 reason why is it so hard to get a job in India?

So many Institutions

Increased number of institutions has just made it so difficult for companies to find out the right candidate for their job among a list of thousand students. You can find so many institutions just in an area of few kilometers away from your house. It is obvious that if there are so many institutes then number of candidates will be very high that made job hunting so difficult.6 reasons why is it so hard to get a job in India?

Lack of awareness

That is the main reason that why students are not getting good jobs. Definitely, you used to read so many news in newspapers about students that he got a package of 10 lack rupees from abc company or any other candidate got selected in UPSC exam.

These are not just the news, they tell the story about student’s awareness that if they got selected then why can’t you. It is your awareness and self confidence that puts you apart from other candidates.

Increased number of candidates

As I have told you that number of candidates are increasing day by day. Also no one can control it because it is due to our population. Look at this stat that if there are about 10 jobs in any company are opening then around 2000 students will be sitting for that job exam. Companies can find cheap labor then why they need to pay high salary to others.

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Corruption in Govt. Jobs

You must have heard this line many time that” He was the cousin of PA that is why he got selected”. Of course my friend, corruption is the only reason that most of the candidates never fill government job application forms. They know that in the interview round only those candidates will be selected who are in their relation or who have given some bribe to them. But if we have given this chance then we will do the same. So don’t blame them if you are not loyal from your own side. And if you are loyal, you will surely give a try to UPSC exams where there is no corruption at all.

Compromises in Private Jobs

Students always compromise to get a job by any mean. They can work for 18 hours in a day and they can work for few rupees for a long time. They always decrease the value of their knowledge by these compromises. But they don’t know that these things affect them as well as others. . It is in your hand that respect your knowledge and never compromise with your job. It is somewhat unrealistic but quality always comes with demands.

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Poor Education quality

I have seen many lectures who pass their degree from any college and start teaching in that college from the very next year. I found this kind of situation mostly in engineering colleges. You tell me, how these students can put quality in their teaching if they have not even tasted the real quality. It is real a big factor that graduate students are so dumb in nature these days.

So it was all about 6 reasons why is it so hard to get a job in India? I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.