Importance of Software Engineering: This article introduces the main importance of software engineering that why it is widely used and adopted by all the big companies. If anyone wants to develop software then software engineering is what he needs the most. You may think that I don’t need any software engineering approach and I can make my software very easily. Of course you can, and anybody can make software without any engineering approach. But what if company asks you to make software that requires one million codes then what will you require the most.

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Now you may be feeling confused so let me take an example to make it clear.

Let’s think about making a bridge that can connect two cities and the distance between the cities is around 5 km. Now the very first thing you will require is planning because just manually thinking about this big project is not going to help you in anyway. You have to plan, coordinate and test everything because this project will require lots of man force with proper budgeting. And let’s say you can complete it without any problem then it should be tested too because it can be dangerous if the bridge is not secure.

Software Engineering Wallpaper
Software Engineering

Now same concept comes with making software for big companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and IBM. You need proper planning, coordination between people, testing and maintenance too for software development. All these things can be made possible with the help of software engineering.

Making small software and big software, both are just far different from each other. With the help of software engineering, large programs become easy to develop.

Let us discuss few importance of software engineering to show that how important software engineering is for companies.

Importance of Software Engineering

1. Reduces complexity

Big softwares are always complex and difficult to develop. Software engineering has a great solution to decrease the complexity of any project. Software engineering divides big problems into several small problems. And then start solving each small problem one by one. All these small problems are solved independently to each other. At the end, all these solved problems are combined with each other to get the final solution. Also it always focuses on solving the most relevant problems by omitting the irrelevant problems. By this manner, the big problem of software complexity can be solved easily with the help of software engineering.

2. To minimize software cost

Software requires a lot of hardwork and software engineers are highly paid professionals. A lots of man force is requires to develop software with millions of codes. But in software engineering, programmers plan everything and reduce all those things that are not required. In turn, cost for software productions becomes less as compared to any software that does not use software engineering approach.

3. To decrease time

Anything that is not made according to the plan always wastes time. And if you are making big software then you may need to run many code to get the ultimate running code. This is a very time consuming process and if it is not well managed then this can take a lot of time. So if you are making your software according to software engineering approach then it will reduce a lot of time.

4. Handling big projects

Big projects are not made in few days and they require lots of patience, planning and management. And to invest six and seven months of any company, it requires lots of planning, direction, testing and maintenance. No one can say that he has given four months of company to the project and the program is still in its first stage. Because company has given many resources to the projects and it should be completed. So to handle big projects without any problem, company has to go for software engineering approach.

5. Reliable software

Software should be reliable, means if you have delivered the software then it should work for at least it’s given time span or subscription. And if any bugs come in the software then company is responsible for solving all these bugs. Because in software engineering, testing and maintenance is provided so there is no worry of its reliability.

6. Effeteness

Effectiveness comes if anything has made according to the standards. Software standards are the big focus of companies to make it more effective. So Software becomes more effective in performance with the help of software engineering.

7. Productivity

With the help of software engineering, any company can increase its productivity. Any project that decrease cost and requires less time always helps to increase company productivity. In software engineering, proper care of software productivity is taken because it has testing system at every level. If programs fails to meet its standard at any stage, then programmers always improves the code of software to make it sure that software maintains its standards.

So these were the main importance of software engineering that how software engineering plays a big role in making projects with million codes. So it was all about importance software engineering.