7 Tips on How to Prepare English section for IBPS PO Exam: As we all know that IBPS is going more and more tougher from past years. So it becomes necessary to be well prepared for each section separately. Students focus only on the computer section of IBPS and forget about English section.

Of course it is good that you know how to prepare for IBPS computer section because you have to get qualifying marks too. But with the help of English section, you can not just get qualifying marks but also make your score well. Cracking English section is really not that much hard, good grammar, vocabulary and reading skills can make you able to crack IBPS PO CWE exam 2014.

So here I am writing some tips for you on how to Prepare English section for IBPS PO Exam. I hope this will help you to score good marks in English sections.

7 Tips on How to Prepare English section for IBPS PO Exam

Understand the pattern

Before you start your preparation for any competitive exam, it is good that you take a deep look at the exam pattern. It is necessary for English section of IBPS exam that we check its complete pattern and syllabus before we start its preparation.

By checking pattern of exam you can save lots of time in giving your precious time to the main areas of English. The main areas from where the questions generally come are reading comprehension, sentences correction and fill in the blanks types questions.

7 Tips on How to Prepare English section for IBPS PO Exam

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Comprehension preparation

Reading Comprehension paragraph seems like nothing but a waste of time. But with the help of this section one can score full marks if he is able to answer all the questions accurately. The very basic requirement for reading comprehensions is reading skills. After that it comes on vocabulary of the students. If you have good vocabulary then you can easily relate to typical words too.

The main problem arises when you have given indirect questions. Students need to avoid lengthy paragraph that contains fewer questions. Try to understand the theme and subject of the paragraph. There can be some questions based on synonym and antonyms, try them first.

English grammar and Vocabulary

Reading comprehension, sentence correction and spotting the errors are the part of non grammatical English. There is a proper step by step order to learn English grammar. Follow that order and start leaning basic rules of English grammar. To master in English grammar you need to practice a lot.

Vocabulary is something that can never be ignored in reading comprehensions. You should know this fact that you can not improve you vocabulary in few days or months. Vocabulary improvement is a continuous process. Check out our article how to improve your English vocabulary skills?

Sentence corrections and arrangement

In actual there is no specific rule to solve these type of questions. You need to follow Hit and trail method to solve the questions. Try to identify the link between the two sentences. Practice a lot with sample paper and previous year papers. Turn ON your PC and surf related questions of sentence corrections and rearrangement on internet. As much you practice them, soon you will be able to solve these questions.

Spotting the errors

The only element used in cracking these types of questions is your command on English grammar. If you know English grammar well then you will defiantly score highest marks with the help of this section and if you are weak in grammar then it can pain you a lot in learning.

Sometimes, the questions in error spotting are directly from grammar rules. If you want to improve them then practice a lot with the help of internet.

Read Newspaper and magazines

Newspapers are very important in our career and education. With the help of newspapers one can improve his vocabulary skills. Also one can get updated with the current happenings. Check out our article on importance of reading newspapers for students.

Also magazines play an important role in summing up your knowledge about banks. As we all know that there will be some questions on banking awareness. Reading magazines like India today and DNA can help you a lot in improving your banking awareness.

Practice IBPS Papers

So far we have discussed 6 tips, about in 5 tips I said you to practice previous year papers, sample papers and other question papers related to IBPS. Reason is quite obvious because English needs only practice. It is not like your 12th board exam where you can cram and write the answers. Here only practice can make you the winner of English section. Find online sources where you can get lots of sample papers and start practicing them.

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So it was all about 7 Tips on How to Prepare English section for IBPS PO Exam? I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.