70 Study tips for college students 2015: As the competition is increasing, so students are becoming more advance. If you ask a topper then you will get to know that how toppers are managing their time. They always look so relaxed because they give time to all70 Study tips for college students 2015 the important things like study, health and game. These students always put more efforts to give their best stroke.

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If you want to be the topper of class or a students who everyone admire then all you need to take few steps. Today I am going to introduce 70 Study tips for college students 2015 that will surely help you to be best student of the year.

70 Study tips for college students 2015

  1. Win yourself firstly because the whole career belongs to you.
  2. If you start loving what you do then all your boringness and tiredness will go in the air.
  3. It is well proven that Daily exercise makes you healthy and a fit body can make you survive in all the conditions.
  4. Morning walk opens up your mind. It should be a thumb rule that you are going to morning walk daily.
  5. Being health conscious is very good because an ill body cannot make you a winner.
  6. Students who used to study late night always performs lesser than other students
  7. Make a habit of Waking up early in the morning. It will make your mind more concentrating.
  8. Meditation can open up all the door of success. It is the technique to understand you.
  9. Always be dedicated toward your work.
  10. Be motivated to take all the important decisions.
  11. Be passionate about what you learn and what you desire.
  12. Be regular and consistent for your work.
  13. Be updated about what is going around you.
  14. It is good if you take help from seniors because they know more than you.
  15. Visiting career centers is not that much bad idea because you should take help from every source what can help you.
  16. One should make time table for everything like games, college, tuition and self study.
  17. Believe in yourself that if you can dream it then you can also make it come true.
  18. Always be ready for the hard truths because the path you are going to walk will not be too easy. Accept the hard truths and face them with potential.
  19. Some time being patience can serve you something big. Always be patience by putting your efforts.
  20. Improve your remembering power because somehow it will help you in dealing with big exams.
  21. Play physical games that make your body in working situation.
  22. A closed mind cannot generate good ideas so have some outing after a regular period to make your mind fresh and calm.
  23. Be positive and always look towards the positive side of every hurdle
  24. Sometimes you crack a big exam, at that time never be over confidence because there are other too who have done this job before.
  25. Never stop learning
  26. Learn basic computer like MS-Office and Basic HTML.
  27. Always be eager to learn more because one you stop learning you will go out of the race.
  28. Be friendly with classmates because they are not your enemies, they are your helpers.
  29. Teachers are also your friends who can help you in all worst condition of your life.
  30. Be independent and never depend on anyone, it is only who have to perform at last.
  31. Have a clear goal in mind and always be focus on that goal.
  32. Make your own decisions and be a decision taker.
  33. Always be yourself.
  34. Have knowledge of emails and internet. These tools are really more important than books
  35. Learn from your mistakes and improve them so that you never make them again.
  36. Take risks because they are the starting point for to perform your best.
  37. Improve from success; sometimes success can give your confidence level a great boost.
  38. Eliminate time wasting stuff like over facebooking, friend’s gossip and random stuff.
  39. Build awesome communication skills so that other likes to interact with you.
  40. Plan before you execute otherwise it may harm your precious time.
  41. Read newspaper daily to make your knowledge base stronger.
  42. Be social because students who always stay away from society are more prone to depression.
  43. Invest in yourself and stop thinking about others.
  44. Practice will make you perfect as it is the only tool to polish your skills
  45. Use internet and it will open you some great opportunities that you cannot find anywhere.
  46. Always participate in quizzes
  47. Take exams seriously and make a separate time table for exam preparation.
  48. Carry all the important stuff for exam so that you don’t need to waste your time in asking other for the same.
  49. Manage time for exam day too that how much time you have to give to more scoring questions.
  50. Make your answer sheet clean because examiner will not take a second to cross your written question.
  51. Notes are really important for exam, always make them properly and keep them with you.
  52. Listen to your teachers first and then start asking what comes in your mind.
  53. Never shy about what other students think about you and always put questions in the class
  54. Time is everything and always respects it.
  55. Listen what others are asking in the class. Their question may give you some more information.
  56. Practice what is taught in the college on the same day.
  57. Tuition is not necessary at all but still if you have one then it is really great.
  58. Be aware about what is happening around you.
  59. Focus on your long term goals.
  60. Visit seminars and conferences related to your interest of field.
  61. Give seminars in the class to increase your confidence level
  62. Learn different books because you can find more interesting stuff in different books.
  63. Use social media websites to be in contact with the experts of your fields.
  64. Build your knowledge base stronger.
  65. Share your knowledge with others because it just enhances your understating power.
  66. Respect your faculty members and others
  67. Hope for the best and be optimistic
  68. Don’t bunk classes because exams are very important
  69. Research on a topic and gain all information to be the master of that topic.
  70. Visit different companies to get more exposer.

These were 70 Study tips for college students 2015 with which they can make a great career ahead. So finally if you liked my article then please share it with your friends. And if you want to ask something then please hit the comment button below so that I can help you.