8 Parts of speech worksheets in English grammar: To speak fluently in English language, it is not necessary to have complete knowledge of English grammar. Of course for some exams like IELTS, English grammar is necessary. But if someone says that English grammar is compulsory to speak in English then he must be kidding with you.

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Let me tell u one thing here that with 8 pasts of speech, one can speak in English language easily. Also these 8 pasts of speech will help you in English grammar for typical exams. So this discussion is all about the need of knowing 8 parts of English grammar. So here are the 8 parts of speech worksheets in English grammar.

8 Parts of speech worksheets in English grammar


8 Parts of speech Function Example Words Examples
Verbs Action or states To bring, to catch He brings cake for me.
Nouns Name of persons, animals, places Steve, Cow, UK Steve is very close to me.
Adjectives Quality of noun or pronoun Honest, thin, tall, wisest She is wisest than me.
Adverbs Modifies the meaning of the verb, adjectives, sentence Slowly, very, every day, unfortunately We go to temple every day.
Pronouns Used in the place of Noun I, We, You, She, He, They They will not help us for sure.
Prepositions Connect nouns, pronouns and phrases In, at, on, for, from, with You can meet him in the office.
Conjunctions Joins two words, or sentences And, or, but, till Steve and Andrew will complete this task.
Interjections Express feelings and emotions Wow, Hurrah, alas, oh, what Hurrah! We have won the match.

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Verbs are used to express the action or states. Verbs describe what a subject does. Verbs are the very basic part of speech. They are few speeches where we don’t use verbs. Examples of verbs word are: To do, to go, to work, to bring, to take etc.

Examples sentences

  • He wants to be a corporate officer.
  • Leena will bring cake for the whole party.
  • Mark left his job from MNC”s
  • Steve is driving his new car.

These bold words are verbs used in these sentences.

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A Noun is the name of persons, animals, places or any word which we use to call anything. The examples are given below to show that what are noun.

Example sentences

  • Steve likes car racing.
  • London is the capital of UK.
  • Mark will be the best employee of the company this year.
  • Andrew has to play well to win the game.


The word which shows the quality of noun or pronoun is called Adjective.

Example sentences

  • He is an honest employee of the company.
  • Michael is slim but his sister is too fat.
  • Doing a job outside your country is the toughest work.
  • Rehan is taller than her younger brother.

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Adverbs are the words that changes and modifies the meaning of the verb, adjectives, sentence or any world. With the help of adverbs verb or sentence becomes more sensible and understandable.

Examples sentences

  • She was running slowly that is why she lost this race.
  • This project is very important for all of us.
  • Andrew is not coming with us, he will come tomorrow
  • We almost crossed the road when accident happened.


Pronoun is a word that is used in the place of Noun. You can replace nouns with the help of pronouns. Pronouns are the words like I, My, Me, He, She, It, You, They, Them, Myself, Who, Which, This, That etc.

Example sentences

  • I want to go to UK for my bright career.
  • My friends are very helpful that is how I completed this project.
  • They are now working in our company.
  • He is a very kind fellow by nature.

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Prepositions are those words which are used to connect nouns, pronouns and phrases in any sentence. Usually preposition indicates the relationship between nouns that how they are connected to each other. It shows that whether words are connected through time, space and place.

Example sentences

  • The body was found dead on the floor.
  • Steve sleeps late at night.
  • We were watching football match in our drying room.
  • Riyadh has been lining here for four years.


A conjunction is a word which joins two words, or sentences. This is also called sentence linker or connective. Their main task is to link two or more words, clauses or sentences.

Example sentences

  • Steve copied my file and gave it to me.
  • Better you do this task or you leave.
  • My team worked hard, but still we lost the match.
  • You have to stay here till I come back.


An interjection is used to show your feelings and emotions. These are the phrases or words that can be used to express exclamation, surprise, command and attention.

It has no grammatical relationships with any other word or sentence. Interjection never plays any role of subject and object. It doesn’t modify the sentences. Interjection words are Wow! Hey! Well! Etc.

Note: Most of the time in sentences we use Interjection symbol is [!] this, it is also called exclamation sign.

Example sentences

  • Wow! What a gorgeous car.
  • What! Have you not completed your project yet?
  • Alas! Her mother died last night.
  • Well done! It was difficult but you did well.

It was all about 8 Parts of speech worksheets in English grammar. I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too. We will surely help in learning English grammar too.