Exercise Simple Past Tense change the voice

Example: Alex threw the ball. The ball was thrown by Alex.

  1. Edison invented the first gramophone.
  2. The cat drank all the milk.
  3. They did not expect me.
  4. Did you make a noise?
  5. The teacher did not beat them.
  6. They did not win the prize.
  7. A thief stole my bike.
  8. Alec cleaned the home.
  9. Jenny wrote a letter.
  10. When did he do his home task?
  11. Where did you find the diary?
  12. Which picture did you see last night?
  13. Tom did not make a cake.

Answer key

  1. The first gramophone was invented by Edison.
  2. All the milk was drunk by the cat.
  3. I was not expected by them.
  4. Was a noise made by you?
  5. They were not beaten by the teacher.
  6. The prize was not won by them.
  7. My bike was stolen by a thief.
  8. The home was cleaned by Alec.
  9. A letter was written by Jenny.
  10. When was his home task done by him?
  11. Where was the diary found by you?
  12. Which picture was seen by you last night?
  13. A cake was not made by Tom.

Exercise Past Continuous Tense change the voice

Example: They were playing a game. A game was being played by them.

  1. He was revising his books.
  2. She was not plucking the flowers.
  3. Jenny was singing a song.
  4. I was not running a race.
  5. Was she giving a lecture?
  6. She was not abusing them.
  7. Were you not writing a story- book?
  8. I was preparing his bike.
  9. Why were you wasting your time?
  10. What was Ruth doing?
  11. Whom were you abusing?
  12. Why were they plucking the flowers?

Answer key

  1. His books were being revised by him.
  2. The flowers were being plucked by her.
  3. A song was being sung by Jenny.
  4. A race was not being run by me.
  5. Was a lecture being given by her?
  6. They were not being abused by her.
  7. Was a story-book being written by you?
  8. His bike was being prepared by me.
  9. Why was your time being wasted by you?
  10. What was being done by Ruth?
  11. Who was being abused by you?
  12. Why were the flowers being plucked by them?

Exercise Past perfect Tense change the voice

Example: She had already taken the medicine. The medicine had been taken by her.

  1. The little boy had broken the window.
  2. I had lost my wallet.
  3. I had already taken this dish before.
  4. Ruth had not noticed me.
  5. I had lost the key.
  6. The servant had not posted the letter.
  7. Had he posted the letter?
  8. Had Mark cleaned the room?
  9. Why had you disturbed her?
  10. What had you done?
  11. Why had you torn the letter?

Answer key

  1. The window had been broken by the little boy.
  2. My wallet had been lost by me.
  3. This dish had not been tested by me before.
  4. I had not been noticed by Ruth.
  5. The key had been lost by me.
  6. The letter had not been posted by the servant.
  7. Had the letter been posted by him?
  8. Had the room been cleaned by Mark?
  9. Why had she been disturbed by you?
  10. What had been done by you?
  11. Why had the letter been torn by you?

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