Exercise Simple Present Tense change the voice

Example: My father helps me. I am helped by my father.

  1. She gathers flowers.
  2. He helps the poor.
  3. You do not keep your word.
  4. When is your breakfast eaten by you?
  5. Do you eat meat?
  6. Why does he tell lies?
  7. Whom do you want?
  8. They expect good news.
  9. Children like toys and dolls.
  10. How do you wash your clothe?
  11. Where does she keep money?
  12. Which pen is liked by you?
  13. Who teaches you?
  14. This officer does not punish his juniors.
  15. A lesson is learnt by me.
  16. Letters are delivered by the postman.
  17. Our team wins the match.
  18. Tom reads the novel in one day.
  19. Jenny sings a song.

Answer key

  1. Flowers are gathered by her.
  2. The poor helped by him.
  3. Your word is not kept by you.
  4. When do you eat your breakfast?
  5. Is meat eaten by you?
  6. Why are lies told by him?
  7. Who is wanted by you?
  8. Good news is expected by you.
  9. Toys and dolls are liked by children.
  10. How are your clothe washed by you?
  11. Where is her money kept by her?
  12. Which pen do you like?
  13. By whom are you taught.
  14. His juniors are not punished by this officer.
  15. I learn a lesson.
  16. The postman delivers letters.
  17. The match is won by our team.
  18. The novel is read by tom in a day.
  19. A song is sung by Jenny.

Exercise Present continuous Tense change the voice

Example: Ruth is driven a car. A car is being driven by her.

  1. She is watering the plants.
  2. Hockey is not being played by us.
  3. I am not running a race.
  4. Jack is writing a letter.
  5. He is being abused by them.
  6. I am reading a poem.
  7. Why is he being abused by you?
  8. My mother is watching the T.V.
  9. I am making a kite.
  10. Sports are being watched by them.

Answer key

  1. The plants are being watered by her.
  2. We are playing Hockey.
  3. A race is not being run by me.
  4. A letter is being written by Jack.
  5. They are abusing him.
  6. A poem is being read by me.
  7. Why are you abusing him?
  8. The T.V. is being watched by my mother.
  9. A kite is being made by me.
  10. They are watching the sports.

Exercise Present perfect Tense change the voice

Example: I have kept my promise. My promise has been kept by me.

  1. He has cleared the account.
  2. Jack has read the book.
  3. She has not stolen my pen.
  4. Have you taken medicine?
  5. Why have you wound the watch?
  6. Who has torn this letter?
  7. I have not finished my work.
  8. She has passed the M.A examination.
  9. Has Ruth spoiled your clothes?
  10. Have you spent all your money?

Answer key

  1. The account has been cleared by him.
  2. The book has been read by Jack.
  3. My pen has not been stolen by her.
  4. Has medicine been taken by you?
  5. Why has the watch been wound by you?
  6. By whom has this letter been torn?
  7. My work has not been finished by me.
  8. The M.A examination has been passed by her.
  9. Have your clothes been spoiled by Ruth?
  10. Have all your money been spent by you?

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