Benefits of making notes for the exam: Notes are like the golden papers sheets in the time of examination. A student making notes throughout the semester is supposed to be the topper of the college. Yes it is true in many cases. The students who study through the whole semester only can be the topper of that college. That is not due to that he studies throughout the semester but he prepare notes of all subjects. It has been proved that our mind can remember only few points of any topic. So if you have a method with which you can take a quick review of the whole syllabus then you have only a plus point with you. Notes are that method with which you can do this. I am writing this article | benefits of making notes for the exam | for all those students who never make notes. So here are the Benefits of making notes for the exam.

Benefits of making notes for the exam
Benefits of making notes for the exam

Benefits of making notes for the exam

Quick revision

Whenever this word comes into your mind then only one solution strike to your mind that let’s call a friend ask him for the notes. Yes that is a fact that notes are very important in the exam time for the quick revision. When anyone prepares notes then he actually understands the concept. He writes only those only those points which are very important regarding exam of for the deep knowledge of that topic. And of course that is the key that you can revise the whole concept within few minutes. So if you want a quick revision of your syllabus then prepare notes.

Covers all most all important topics

As I have told you that notes contain all the important topics of the syllabus. So for covering important facts, questions and point of the syllabus, notes are very helpful for all the students.

More you write less you forget

Yes more you write less you forget. You have heard that if you want to memories any topic for a long period then write it. So whenever you prepare notes then you write the main points of the topic. With the help of it you never forget that topic on the day of examination.

Best results

 The students who make notes are on safe side in many ways. Firstly they just do not to worry about the time gap between papers. They have a tool that is notes with which they can quickly score well. And if they have given a proper time then can be in the list of toppers easily. So for the best result notes are very important.

A bird eye view to other activities

Here I am not talking about the quick revision. I am talking about the other activities time. When you go for any other activity like cultural program, science fest and competition exam. Then a problem comes into your mind that oh my God I have to prepare for exam too. And I have very less time left. But if you are making notes regularly then this problem can be minimized. Because about half of the part you have done in making notes and rest part is just revision. So you can keep a bird eye view in other activities.

Positive attitude

Yes if all of you have well prepared before the exam then you can be positive all the time without any fear of exams or their results. So make notes and feel happy all the time.

So these are the Benefits of making notes for the exam.