Best Tips for How to prepare for 12th class board exam: As we know that your percentage in 12th class matters a lot throughout your whole career. If you get good marks in 12th Class board exam then can get admission in prestigious colleges without any doubt. Even for the science students, board exam percentages are counted to get admission into the top Institutes. Hence it is quite obvious for all the students that if they get good marks then they will be on the safe side of all the competitive exams. So if you want to get good marks in 12th board exam then you need to follow some  Best Tips for How  to prepare for 12th class board exam.

Tips to prepare for 12th board exam

Best Tips for How to prepare for 12th class board exam
Best Tips for How to prepare for 12th class board exam

Conquer you brains first

Whenever you do any task, the first step should be winning your own brain. Ask your mind that why I need to do this task and one’s you gets the answer you will become Unstoppable. So prepare your mind that yes you have to get good marks in your 12th board exam.

Make a best time table and follow it

You can read many article on the same point that make a proper time table and all. But making the time table is not sufficient. The thing which is needed that you need to make the best time table and then you must follow this hardly on do and die situation. Ones you start following your time table you will be able to see a big change in you.

Be regular in class

Few students do not take class serious because they think that they know better than the teacher. But teachers are your best friends, go regularly go into their classes and they will give you everything what they can do for your best career believe me or not but it is a fact. Yes there are few teachers who just think about money but they are not the teachers, they are professionals and it is in rare cases.

Ask questions in class

Students feel shy in asking questions in the class. They think that everyone will laugh on them that how a foolish question is he asking to the class teacher. But it is not true because if you don’t know anything about that topic then how can you think that it is a foolish question. And rest of the students also thinks the same thing that everyone will laugh on them. But open up your mouth and ask questions

Make notes

Making Notes is something like a boring task. But notes help a lot in the exam time when you need a quick revision of the subjects then only your notes can help you. Reading the whole book in the exam time may be not possible sometimes and at that time only notes will be needed to you.

Prefer more books

What students do these days that they read only one book. They think that they do not have sufficient time to read so many books. But my friends your subject’s syllabus is set according to your reading power by the educational council. You have sufficient time to get deep knowledge of any topic. So read more books.

Give more time to your weak subject

There are few subjects in which you are good and there may be some subjects in which you are not so good. So give time to your weak subjects from the starting of the session so that you can make it your strength subject.

Classmates are your friends

We think that classmates are our enemies but they are our friends. We start fighting with them that I am the best in the class. And this is due to their ego or sometimes family pressure. But your classmates help you in getting good marks because everyone wants it. If you work on yourself then you never think about these cheap strategies of leaving behind everyone.

Give time to physical games

Being a book worm is also not a good deal. As I have mentioned that make a best time table which also covers your play time too. Games give relaxation to your body and mind.

Be motivated all the times

Sometimes we get tired of doing all these things. At that time you need to take a break. It will give you motivation for the next task. So be motivated all the time and be happy because you have this great gift of God That is your life.

All the Best…!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this article and get what you wanted. So these are the Tips to prepare for 12th board exam and getting good marks. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then comment below so that we can solve out your problems.