Book review format and guideline for students: Book reviews are an important part of our academics education. It is necessary that you know how to write a book review. And to make a book review it is essential that you follow some guidelines and formats. If you ask me the set formula for book review then I will suggest you to ask your teacher first because all the schools and colleges have a certain criteria of making or format of writing book review.

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But still there is a fact that two-third of the book review must contain information about the book. On the basis of this fact I will sum up some important point that should be there in the book review. Here I am giving an idea that what is the perfect book review format and guidelines for students.

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Book review format and guidelines for students

Front page—Page 1

Your front page should contain the name of book about which you are giving your reviews. Also front page contains: Name of your college and school with logo, name of the teacher whom you are submitting your resume, your name, class, roll no, submission date etc.

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Table of content—Page 2

Preface: You need to write the Name of the book, your school/college name. Your thanks to principle, parent and all other who helped you in making the book review. At last, your name and signature. –Page 3

Name of the book- Page 4

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Author bio: Author background and his qualifications, his purpose, other books name, source of the book.—Page 5

Introduction/ Summary of the book: You should write 4-5 sentences about the theme of the book and reason why the author wrote this book.—Page 6

Main body: Briefly write about the main characters of the book, try to tell the complete story of the book in short form. Never make it so lengthy that it again becomes a book- Page –7-10

Conclusion: Bind together the whole issues raised in the review. Give a reason that why one should be reading this book.—Page 11

Your own review–Page 12

It is the time to give your own opinion about the book that why you liked this book, is this book solves any general issue, its price relevancy.

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Deadline—Page 13

It was all about Book review format and guideline for students? I hope this article was helpful for you. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us.