You might have heard that there is no shortcut for success. And if you want to go on the top position then you have to do hard work by studying a lot. But do you really think only hard work can make you Success.

In my opinion, of course it is not unless you put smart work with some planning. Oh, I have heard this too that smart work is the key for success. So what is new here and why should I read your complete article. So here is some interesting for you that in actual it is your career development planning that ensures your success.

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And today, I am going to introduce you a step by step process for career development planning. Now I think you have excited about what I am going to tell you about. Before you go to the main part let us discuss few questions. These questions will help you to enjoy more this article.

What is career planning?

If I talk about past years when there was not a big competition and chances of your success were more then I suggested you to just do only hard work. But now the game has completely changed.

There are lots of candidates fighting with each other in competitive exams. Here the term career development planning process comes into action. So basically it can be defied as

  • It is a continuous process you will need at each phase of your career.
  • It involves finding your interest, passion, desires and love for anything.
  • How will you survive when everything went wrong with you?
  • Career planning is all about your management skills.

In short, career development planning is finding your desires and planning to achieve these desires.

Why Career Planning is important?

We have discussed so much about this term but question arises why we need it. The only reason is a big competition out there among students. Studies show that students who are clear about their goal perform better than other.

This graph demonstrates performance of students who work according to their career plans and who do not work accordingly.Career-planning-need

  • Here maximum five marks are given in performance meter.
  • Students without planning get 2 out of five.
  • Students with planning get 4.5 out 5.
  • The average performance of students is 3 in the meter.

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So it is clear that students without planning perform below average line.

When Career Planning is needed?

As it is an ongoing process that you need in almost all the phases of career. So it is good that you never forget the need of career planning.

I always recommend students to work in well planned format whether you are in primary, secondary or in higher stage. Most of the students ask me that when career planning is needed the most.

As far as I am concern, it is needed at secondary level the most because from here you have to choose stream for your study.

This graph demonstrates the parentage of students when they seek for career planning according to their education level.when-career-planning

  • Around 55% of students go for career planning when they are at secondary level.
  • 25% of students choose it before the main game starts which is really good.
  • 20% of students plan when they are in higher education which is somewhat late.

We have discussed a lot about this complete process, now lets see what this process is all about. Here is the block diagram for Career Planning Development (CDP)



Let us discuss each step of process in detail.

SO are you ready, so lets go for it

  1. Understand who you are?

If you are at initial stage then this step may be very difficult for you. Reason is quite obvious because a child doesn’t know what is good for him.

So what you can do in that stage. Here is something interesting practical tools for you to understand what is your desire and wants.

  • Quizzes
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Skill Exercises

You can find a lot of websites on internet that provides you these tools by paying some penny.

Here are some helping links for self understanding (free) (Paid)

If you are at secondary and higher education level then it is easy to find your love and passion. Your learning style will help to understand yourself.

  1. Take help from guidance centers

We are not bating that what is good or what is bad. The thing that works for you is the BEST one because something that worked for me may not be working for you.

So by being clever it is good to ask from the guidance center if you are not able to understand yourself. I am making it a second step of the process because I know how important this step is?

And most of the students are not able to beat this step. They just get confused about their dreams, choices and career.

If you want to find guidance centers then go to these website and search for the centers near you. for India for USA for Canada for UK

  1. Find the list of best options

If you have better understood about your dreams and wants then it will be good if you make a list of all the best options. List only those options that you find with best career opportunities and love.

This list will benefit you by making a step towards strong decision making. While you consider best options always keep in mind that your passion should be on the top.

  1. Compare them according to your interest and other prospects

So it is the time to compare all the best career options you have. It is really an important step because by comparing all the options you will lead to the best options that suits your desires and dreams.

It is the decision of your career so you don’t let it just go like anyone bargains at fruits shop.

When you compare these options, consider all the hurdles and opportunity of your career path.

  1. Select one by finding its Career opportunities and future

Now of course you cannot go with all career options. You need to select the BEST option that justifies your passion and career chances too.

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Collect all the information related to that field.

  1. Set goals short term or long term

I never believe in goal setting but when it comes in making a right career decision then I always suggest you to set a goal.

Your goal can be long term or short term but it is a good habit if you keep your eyes on long term goal by completing short term goals.

Also remember; never forget your long term goals just for the sake of short term goals. Your complete focus should be on the target of your life.

  1. Develop your plan

When you talk to a businessman about their success and achievement then surely he will advise you to plan for everything.

Whether you are in study or in job searching, it is your planning skills that will benefit you a lot.

It is really a crucial and mind storming step because it needs full presence of mind. You have to choose a plan according to your time, strengths and skills.

  1. Take Action

Now you are all set and you have everything that was required for career development plan.

So it is the time to take action but before it let me introduce you with some interesting facts about successful and unsuccessful students.

  • For a successful student, it is not important to just focus on the planning but its execution has the same importance.
  • An unsuccessful candidate always plans but never executes them.

I ask you that what the importance of a master plan is if no one is going to work on that.

It is more important to take steps instead of just making assumptions that we will do great things in future.

  1. Learn job hunting for your field

This is the central point that why this whole discussion is being done. Good Job is the very first aim for today’s students.

So if you are cramming books then it will not give you any job in the market. The basic requirement of the companies is skills and knowledge. It is good if you learn how to do job hunting and how to get job.

I suggest students to discover for the job in their college time because ones you came out of the college then there will be lot of depression you will be facing due to family pressure and friends success.

  1. Resume building and interview preparation

I have seen many candidates who just visit companies without having proper resume format. And other who are having proper resume format, they just copy it from others resume.

It is your resume and you have to write what you are in it. It is good if you take help from your senior in it.

Then the last step comes which is company interview round. Never ever try to make fool of the interviewer because he know more than you. Always be loyal and up to date so that you can answer his question confidently.

  1. Prepare yourself for the worst

Life isn’t so easy that you will never face problem. Due to huge competition, the conditions have become worst. If you are working on a plan then never lose your hope.

All the plans never go right who ever have made it. So is good if you prepare yourself for the worst condition.

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I know it will not solve your problem but it will give you encouragement to tackle the problem which is most required.

  1. Now focus and get the best

Now you have become aware about what you really going to do with your career. But still if you don’t focus then you may lose what you have achieved.

It is the last step of the process but not the least because Focus is really necessary ingredient in the recipe of success.


So here I am going to give you final words for this complete process.

Whether you achieve your vision or goals, always remember that no one is alone in this world, there are many who are here to help in all your worst condition. The only thing you need to HOLD YOUR HOPE TILL YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.

So here is what you finally need to do. Hit the comment button if you are still facing problems regarding your career.

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