Characteristics of an effective essay writing: Essay writing as become an integral part of our academic life. Essay writing plays a vital role to examine knowledge and ability of students. It is supposed that students will explain their thoughts effectively on a given topic. Essay writing also gives students an opportunity to think outside the course materials. These days, student writes poor essay because they don’t know the main characteristics of effective essay writing.

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They just write essays in a forced descriptive manner and fill the sheets of answer booklet. They ignore this fact that your examiners are paid for every minutes and they are not going to waste a single minutes in reading the whole essay. So it better to be subjected, narrative and organized when you are writing an essay.

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Here I am going to introduce you with some characteristics of effective essay writing. I hope that after reading these characteristics, you will write effective essay for your exams.

Characteristics of an effective essay writing


A description does not mean that you are free to write anything about the topic. It should be related to the particular persons, things and places. Students should explain about them. Students must add some background information to give a smart description about the essay topic.

`characteristics of an effective essay writing

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You should write to the point when you are witting about any topic. No body will praise you for filling the answer sheets. As I have told you that examiner have to save his precious time so don’t try to pull the essay like a rubber. Always write unambiguously about the main content of the essay.


Students start writing essay with a great tone but they don’t let their tone same till the end of essay. They forget their subject of writing and start making their own assumptions for filling the sheets. Of course student’s assumptions are needed but never go so far from the subject of the topic. Try to be subjected in the whole essay writing.

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Good news become well when there is some spicy content added into them. It is human nature that we like spicy content or content in which there are lots of arguments. Same case is with essay writing, try to put arguments and disagreement in the essay. Students should write about both the aspects where agreement and disagreement are carried. And at the end they need to tell what aspect is right.


An essay should be like one that explains any event. These events can be biographical, incidental, accidental, journey and historical. Try to pick a narrow topic instead of picking a broader topic. A narrow topic is easy to narrate or one can cover its all parts easily in a descriptive manner.

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There should be a particular order to represent an essay. It is not a good idea to structure the essay as it goes along. The structure of the essay should be predefined by the students. Decide the order of the essay before you start writing it.

No error

Last but not the least characteristic is that there should be no grammatical error in the essay. Students make this Himalayan blunder mistake is their essay. This mistake can just make all your hard work useless. English grammar should be appropriate in the whole essay.

So it was all about characteristics of an effective essay writing. I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.