Different Characteristics of a Good software: The main goal of software engineer while developing a software is to design it in a better way. It is generally the first question that comes in their mind that “what qualities should be in the software that will make it superior”. In today’s competitive world, there are numbers of software launched daily and expectation of the users from the software has increased. In order to meet all the expectations, the software should meet the requirements of the customer. To achieve this, here are some characteristics needed in a good software.

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Different Characteristics of a Good Software

The characteristics of Software are divided into three different parts:

1. Operational Characteristics: These can be defined as the characteristics related to the factors responsible for the operation of a software.

  • Reliability: It means the chances of a software to be failed, which is measured by the average time between the failures. Reliability is the most important factor in the real time systems such as air traffic control and heart monitors.
  • Security: In the recent times, the security threats have increased over the internet. As a result of which, this factor has become extremely important. There should be proper measures taken, while developing software for keeping the user’s data safe from the threats.
  • Correctness: It is important that the software should meet all the specifications expected by the customer.
  • Safety: The software should be developed in such a way that it should not have any hazardous effect on the environment.
  • Efficiency: It can be defined as the ability of the software to use the available resources. A software having great efficiency can lead to effective use of the storage space and executed the command according to the desired timing requirement.

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2. Transition Characteristics: Various transition characteristics are as follows:

  • Interoperability: Interoperability can be defined as the ability of the software to exchange information with the other applications. With the help of this characteristic, the use of information can be made transparent.
  • Reusability: The software can be called reusable, if the users will have the ability to use the software code with some modification for the different purposes. More complex software can be developed in a short span of time by reusing the existing software.
  • Portability: Portability is the degree of easiness with the software, while using it on the computer configurations. It is important because with this quality, a software can be implemented on three or more hardware configurations over its lifetime.

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 3. Revision Characteristics: These are engineering factors on which the interior quality of the software such as structure, documentation and efficiency depends. These factors are a necessity in a good software. Here are the various Revision characteristics stated below:

  • Flexibility: If this quality is present in a software, it can make changes very easily.
  • Testability: It can be defined as the ease of testing in a software. It is the degree to which a software supports the testing in a given test context.
  • Modularity: A software consists of independent units and modules, which are integrated to make the final software. The software that can be divided into the different independent parts, which can be modified and tested separately has higher modularity.
  • Scalability: Software having higher scalability is easy to modify and upgrade.
  • Maintainability: It is very important that the software can be maintained by the user easily.

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All the above factors vary from application to application and given preference according to the system. If it is a real time system, then reliability is very important, whereas in business related systems, the maintainability and usability are the most important factors that needs consideration. So, by having the right characteristics in a software can make it better. If you have any question then please comment below.