Exam day tips to boost performance in nda: – NDA exam 2014 is going to be tougher this year by the sources. So aspirants may have to spend more time on preparing for the exam instead of cramming for board exam as usually all the students do. But no worry this exam is tougher for only those who don’t take it seriously or they just fill the nda application form because their friends are filling up the form.

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If all of the aspirants have prepared for the exam now it is the turn to perform best on the day of examination. I am writing this article to help those aspirants who prepare best for the exam are not able to perform best in the day of exam and they get fail.

Exam day tips to boost performance in nda

Two important things

Speed : – The exam is well set that if you given 3 or 4 hours you can easily solve all the question. But in the nda exam 2014 you will have only 2:30 hours in which you have to complete the exam. So the thing which is needed is speed of doing questions which will boost your rank in the exam. Candidates who do their homework by practicing the previous year papers and mock test are much faster than the other who don’t work at home. So you can gain the speed if you practice a lot.

Accuracy:The exam time is so important that you need to take each step seriously. If I discuss about accuracy then it is the way that how finely or accurately you solve any question.  You can gain accuracy by  focusing that what is asked in the question, don’t blindly give answer of any question because your each wrong answer will lead to you in the back panel of the exam.

Don’t get nervous

Well!! If your preparation for the exam was good and you are sure that you are enough capable for the nda then what is the meaning of getting nervous. You never get to know that if 320000 candidates are giving the exam then most of them are not coming due to their own interest, they all are coming because their family members said them or their friend circle forced them to come for the exam. They are just coming to pass their time.

Now if you ask me the ratio then 100000 candidates are seriously coming to clear the exam by their own interest. So half of the completion is over. Now rest part is your willing that how much dedicated are you for the exam. Go and win the GAME.

How to solve exam??

 Now I will cover this in points

  1. Reach exam center at least half an hour before the exam.
  2. After you get your answer sheet and question paper just take a brief eye on the paper.
  3. Start answering the short question and don’t waste your time in lengthy problems.
  4. After solving the small questions you will get confidence and you may now move to lengthy questions.
  5. If you are in doubt for any question then leave it for next revision.
  6. After taking one revision do all those question in which you 70-80% sure.
  7. Let say you have completed the exam and you have done 40% question then you need to touch more question because with this you cannot clear the exam. And if you have attempted about 60% question then these are much enough to crack the exam.
  8. Don’t waste your time in cheating or helping others.

So these are some point which will help you in the exam. And that was all for Exam day tips to boost performance in nda.

All the Very BEST..!!!