Exam day tips for board exam students? Those three hours of papers are really very important on the day of exam. This time will decide how much hard work you have done for the exam. If you are not able to perform well in these three hours then all your hard work will just be wasted.

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So always be prepared for the day of exam to give your best stroke. For this, you need to follow some common tips to prepare for board exams. I am listing few tips that how to perform well on the day of exam for board exam students.

Exam day tips for board exam students?

Proper sleep matters a lot

Most of the students study whole night before the day of exam. Sometimes they get really less time to prepare for the exam so they used to study whole night without sleeping. By this way they complete the whole syllabus of paper but they don’t perform well on the day of exam. It is a common problem of students that they get sleepy in the exam time.

It is better to make your time table according to the syllabus before the exams so that you don’t need to study whole night just to complete the syllabus. And of course with this you can take a proper sleep before exam day.

Exam day tips for board exam students?
Exam Accessories should be there

Students find this scene very common that their friends ask them for pen, pencil, compass and eraser in the middle of exam. They waste their time as well as others time too. Before you leave your house, you should double check your accessories of exam.

There is no sense of asking about pen or pencil in the exam time. It is student’s responsibility to have their complete exam accessories.

Read before you write

Whenever you start any exam, give a bird eye view to the question paper. Always solve easy questions first because it may impress the examiner while he checks the papers. Also it may boost your confidence level that can be helpful in performing well in other questions.

Killing Presentation 

There are few students who are capable of impressing the examiner just due to their presentations. Good handwriting can play a vital role in getting good marks in the exams. Make your answer sheet clean and neat. Add tables and diagrams wherever needed.

Time management still needed

Always manage your exam time according to the total time given for the exam. You may face this problem of short time when you have to write so much and you have few minutes left. Remember, the examiner is not your friend that will give you extra time period to complete your paper. Also read how to manage study interruptions?

You are required to attempt questions accordingly that you can complete your paper easily.

Re- examine the exam

If you are able to complete the exam before the time period then just don’t quite the examination hall. It is the time to re-examine your answer sheets. Look for the mistakes if any. You can correct many mistakes by re examining your exam.

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So it was all about Exam day tips for board exam students? I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.