Exercise of Modals in Active and Passive Voice

Example: We can do this work. This work can be done by us.

  1. You should obey your parents.
  2. I can solve this sum.
  3. You may use my pen.
  4. He could not help us.
  5. We should respect our parents.
  6. She would not help you.
  7. They could not read the sentence.
  8. Would you take a cup of tea?
  9. Could mark lock the door?
  10. He need not buy bread.
  11. Can I use your umbrella?
  12. Could you shut the door?

Answer key

  1. Your parents should be obeyed by you.
  2. This sum can be solved by me.
  3. My pen may be used by you.
  4. We could not be helped by him.
  5. Our parents should be respected by us.
  6. You would not be helped by her.
  7. The sentence could not be read by them.
  8. Would a cup of tea be taken by you?
  9. Could the door be locked by Mark?
  10. Bread need not brought by him.
  11. Can your umbrella be used by me?
  12. Could the door be shut by you?

Exercise of imperative sentence in active and passive voice

Example: Open the window. Let the window be opened.

  1. Shut the door.
  2. Do not starve the cow.
  3. Get out of my sight.

Answer key

  1. Let the door be shut.
  2. Let the cow not be starved.
  3. You are ordered to get out of my sight.

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