Explain Software Myths in Software Engineering: Since the early days of computing, the myths regarding the software engineering float around the industry. There are numbers of attributes included in the myths, that make them insidious.  In developing a software, the developers put their extreme dedication and hard work. A great majority of software related problems arises because of the myths that formed during the software development’s initial stages. The most of the pressure and strain are on the managers, who own the responsibilities of the software development. They have to maintain a software under budget, improved quality, time constraints and many other things.

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Explain Software Myths in Software Engineering

Here, we have the list of some common myths of software in software engineering according to the category:

1. Management myths: The managers are often grasps at a belief in a software myth, same as a drowning person who grasps at a straw.

  • Members acquires all the information: Generally, there is a myth that the members of the organization acquire all the information containing procedures, principles and standards. In reality, the developers don’t have information about all the established standards because they are often outdated, incomplete and unadaptable. Plus, there is a rare chance that the developer will follow all the standards.
  • Adding more people can reduce the time gap: Another myth in the people is that more the number of programmers, lesser will be the time gap. If a project is behind the schedule, adding more manpower will further delay it because new workers will take more time to learn about the ongoing project.
  • The management can relax themselves by outsourcing its project: If an organization outsource its software to a third party, it does not relieve the management of its duties. When the organization outsources the software project, they suffer invariably.

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2. Customers Myths: The customers are encouraged by some marketing people in underestimating the difficulty of developing software.

  • Software is malleable as a result of which changes are easy to accommodate: There is an enormous amount of labor required to have a change in the software after the release. It is not so easy to accommodate these changes.
  • To start coding, a general statement of need is enough: The developers can’t read the customer’s mind and requires detailed descriptions of the requirements, in order to start coding.

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3. Developer Myths: The software development art is becoming an engineering discipline, but there are lots of myths.

  • Once the code is delivered, the software can be called complete: In reality, more than 60% of the efforts are expended after the delivery of the software to the user.
  • The software’s success depends on the product’s produced quality: The project does not become successful on the quality of the programs because both the software configuration and documentation also play an important role in its success.
  • The unnecessary documentation is required in software engineering, which further slows down the growth rate of a project: This myth is a no brainer because in reality, the proper documentation enhances the project’s quality and results in reduction of the rework. Also, this field is just about creating quality at all the level of the project.
  • The assessment of the software quality can be addressed after the execution of the program: During any phase of the development process, the software’s quality can be measured just by applying the mechanism of quality assurance.
  • The product, which is delivered after the project’s completion can be called working program: The deliverables of a successful project don’t only consist working program, but also the documentation which can guide the users about how to use the software.

So it was all about Software Myths in Software Engineering. If you have any doubt then please comment below.