Explain Software Reliability in Software Engineering: Software reliability is a measure of a software to execute an error-free operation. It is a very essential factor because behind every screen which we use or come across, there is a software bonded with algorithms working for it’s proper operation.

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So from devices which are responsible to monitor dialyses of a patient with kidney failure to the devices which control and monitor the radiation exposure in the nuclear plants. Everything is prone to a little error. Developers thereby try there best to make their soft wares very reliable by performing various tests, They avoid every possible carelessness as it could even cost someone’s life.

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Explain Software Reliability in Software Engineering

Every reliable software’s viability depends on three pedestals, which are as follows

  • Error prevention
  • Fault detection and removal
  • Measurements to maximize reliability, specifically measures that
    support the first two activities.

Error Prevention

Preventing any error is the best and the safest way to avoid problems. For this to happen the developers need to conduct various tests on the software for a specific environment as to find most of the bugs, and optimise the software to make it more reliable.

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Fault Detection and Removal

The second pedestal is fault detection and removal, no matter how carefully is the program coded, There will always be a chance for errors to show up. A program is to be coded with features to handle exceptions, and the program must display a proper description for each error, so that the user finds and correct the errors and adhere to his work.

Measurements to maximize reliability

The third one supports the first two, some little change in the interface. little tweaks to shorten the length of the program will undoubtedly make more reliable algorithms and hence a more reliable software.

Relevance of Software Reliability in Software Engineering

Software Engineering is all about writing programs for computers or electronic devices, a software engineer or programmer writes a software(or changes the existing software) and compiles software using methods to ensure better quality.

A software’s code must be well organized, when a software engineer codes a program he must not only take care of its functioning but make it readable and propitious for the other readers and co-software engineers as well. So if the project is undertaken by another employee and he is to carry on with the current advancement done on the project by the previous employee.

He will have to learn about the code and it’s functioning by the comment statements(which are usually considered counterproductive as it takes a lot of time, but it is very important to software reliability). Errors and bugs made by the previous employee may show itself quickly to the new employee by the presence of informative comment lines.

Software reliability is important but not always viable, so software engineers are given strict instructions to make an efficient code in the very first time. The cost for fixing bugs can be a big trouble for the company.

Software reliability differs from software to software, some soft wares are enforced to be more reliable while some software’s reliability doesn’t raises questions.

Examples of software reliability around us

Software Reliability is one of the most essential feature of a software. To ensure the reliability of programs, Big companies such as apple(An American multinational technology company) follow a set of procedure. Before the public release of the new operating systems for their devices apple releases a developer version of the same, which may have a few bugs hidden.

It releases the developer version so that the developers from all across the world install it on their devices and make a note of the bugs which they come across while using it. And correct as well as make apple aware of it. With this course of action apple easily gets rid of bugs from it’s latest operating system before the public release making it’s program more reliable for the users.

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There’s another example of improving reliability by companies, we come across various games to seek entertainment and fun. And techno-giants such as N-videa and EA Games conduct various free testing events. Gamers from all across the world are invited and are made to play the latest game. Little bugs and errors found during the game-play is quickly corrected by the team before it’s public release.


So, we all know by now that software reliability is very important and must be well taken care off. But it isn’t always viable for the companies to make necessary changes in a software. So soft wares which are very important to man-kind and is given tremendous control over a lot of efficient tasks. Must surely undergo software reliability. But soft wares which don’t deviate much from a result and the precision is often not needed in it’s tasks. Can be avoided from improvisation. Unless needed. As the expense won’t be recovered by the company later.

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