Explain Software Testing and Its Purpose in Software Engineering: Software Testing can be defined as the software evaluation against the needs gathered from the system specifications and users. In software engineering, the test is conducted at phase level. The software testing assists in finalizing the software product against the user and business requirements. In order to test the software application completely, it is extremely important to have a good test coverage.

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Explain Software Testing and Its Purpose in Software Engineering

Software testing consists of two parts:

  1. Software Validation: It can be defined as an examination process to know, whether or not the software satisfies the requirements of the users. Generally, it is performed at the SLDC and the software gets validated, if the software matches all the requirements of the users.

Benefits of the Validation:

  • This process emphasizes on the requirements of the user.
  • The validation guarantees that the product under development is built according to the user requirements.
  1. Software Verification: The software verification can be defined as the process, which confirms that the software is meeting the requirements of the business. It basically makes sure that it is developed according to the proper methodologies and specifications.

Benefits of Software Verification

  • This process focuses on the system and design specifications.
  • After verification, it is ensured that the product is developed as per design specifications.
  • The Main target of the process is to detect errors, faults and failures.

Testing can be performing two ways. It can either be done manually or with the help of automated testing tool:

Manual Testing: If the testing is performed without the help of any automated testing tools, then it is known as the manual testing. It is a resource and time consuming task, in which the tests need to make sure whether or not the right test cases are used. The manual testing is involved in the major portion of the testing.

Automated Testing: In this procedure of testing, the automated testing tools is used. Using automated testing tools, the limitations in the manual testing can be overcome.

Purpose of Software Testing

The development of the software to work properly is a highly creative and challenging. It plays an important role to address the problem at the bugs level and the software development level.

  • Detection of defects: The main purpose of the software testing is to find the defects, which gets created during the development of the software. It helps to find out the issues in the software before passing it to the next level.
  • Building right system: The testing of the software makes sure that the system meets the different types of requirements such as performance, security, usability, reliability and so on. The testing ensures that we are building the system right.
  • Quality Information: The process of software testing helps to gain some confidence in and offer complete information about the quality level of the software.
  • BRS satisfaction: The testing ensures that the software developed satisfies the Business Requirement Specifications and System Requirement Specifications. Basically, it helps to prevent the defects related to the business and system.
  • Customer Confidence: If the customer gets a quality product, the software development company can gain the confidence of them. The software testing helps the software company to gain the confidence of the customers by offering them a quality product.
  • Analyzing Software product: The software testing can completely analyze the software through the differences between its requirements and actual behavior can be determined. It helps to evaluate the functionality and features of the software, so that it meets the requirements of the user.

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