Gender of Nouns and 4 Types with Examples: English Grammar: Nouns and Pronouns have many properties, Gender is one of them. According to nature, we call it difference in sex but in English Grammar it is called Gender.

It is interesting that we have 4 types of gender nouns in English Grammar but in nature we have three types (Male, Female and She-Male). And English Grammar doesn’t have She-Male Gender that describes unclear sex.

Genders of Nouns are the simplest concept of English Grammar. The reason is quite obvious because it belongs to natural gender (Male and Female).

Gender of Nouns and 4 Types with Examples: English Grammar

What is Gender Nouns in English Grammar?

The idea behind gender is simple that it is a system of noun classification. A male belongs to one class of gender and female belongs to another class of gender.

In English grammar not even nouns and pronouns belongs to gender but other parts of speech also belongs to gender like adjectives and verbs depending upon their ending words.

Let’s take few examples.

He is rude but she is kind.

The man is king. The woman is queen.

Pronoun He and noun man, king belongs to male gender and Pronoun she and noun woman, queen belongs to female gender.

Of course it doesn’t mean that English grammar has two genders only. Take a look at the 4 types of genders of nouns.

4 Types of Genders of Nouns

  1. Masculine Gender
  2. Feminine Gender
  3. Common Gender
  4. Neuter Gender

Let’s discuss all the types separately to get a clear view.

Masculine Gender

Nouns that tell about male sex belongs to masculine gender like Man, Loin, Hero, Boy, King, Horse, Actor etc.

For example

  • Lion is a dangerous animal.
  • This hero is my favorite.
  • Man works very hard for their family.

In the above examples, Loin, hero and man are masculine genders.

Feminine Gender

Nouns that tell about female sex belong to Feminine gender like Woman, Cow, Hen, Girl, Queen, Actress etc.

For example

  • Cow gives us milk.
  • Girls usually like pink color.
  • Our Queen works a lot to serve poor people.

In the above examples cow, girl and queen are feminine genders.

Common Gender

Common Gender refers to member of species that can be male or female. These can be either male or female like teacher, child, worker, friends, cousin, neighbor etc.

For Example

  • We are four friends in our group.
  • My cousin will come tomorrow to visit our factory.
  • Worker are doing great job for the company.

In the above examples friends, cousin and workers are common genders.

Neuter Gender

On Neuter gender, maleness and femaleness doesn’t apply. These are neither male nor female like book, table, pen, gold, School and rock. These are usually non- living things.

For example

  • Gold prices are sky-high these days.
  • I need a pen to sign this document.
  • My school is very far from my home.

In the above examples gold, pen and school are neuter genders.

Note: Gender used these days–There are few masculine genders that are considered common genders like actor, governor, priest etc. These examples of gender can be used as both male and female.

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