How English language is Important in career and education? We all know English is an International language. English is used in all the aspects of communication whether spoken or written. A language itself is a very common method to communicate through speech or preserve our ideas and thoughts through writing (tips to write great articles). And that is why English become so important in our life.

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Now let us talk about the importance of English in career and education. Education is the prime concern in all the countries. In this era of computer science, English is the only language that is used by many universities and colleges. English is the basic requirement for all kind of jobs whether government or private. Also the knowledge hub for education i.e. internet uses 50 % of English. Now let’s take a descriptive look on how English language is important in career and education.

How English language is Important in career and educationHow English language is Important in career and education?

  • Academic purpose
  • Prerequisite for further study
  • Global education
  • No internet help without English
  • Communication
  • Jobs

Academic purpose

There are only few universities and colleges in the world where English is not the only mean for scientific research. In universities and colleges, English is the only language used for scientific research and study. If you are master of English then it means the door of science is completely open for you. We all know that about all the books of science are written in English language. Also it is very difficult for anyone to be able for higher education like post graduation and PhD without English language.

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Prerequisite for further study

The second most common importance of English language is that you cannot go for further study outside you country without the knowledge of English. It is compulsory for everyone to give ielts (International English Language Testing System) if they want to emigrate from their country. Also there are other exams of English language that are used to for further study outside the country.

Global education

One cannot even imagine global education without English. If you want to learn economy, politics and geography of other countries then English is the only language that can help you. All the research papers and scientific research are made in English language. Also learning computer science can be possible only with the help of English language.

No internet help without English

We all know the use of internet in Education. If you want to use Google, Facebook and twitter and you say that you don’t know English then it can be a big disadvantage for you. We all know that search engines and social media sites are the best place to gain knowledge and updates about career and education. To use them you must have some basic knowledge of English language because about 50 % of internet content is written in English language. So you cannot get any help from the knowledge hub of career and education i.e. internet.


Let us consider a situation that you are working on a project and you are stuck at some place. Now how can you get help from others sitting very far to you? The answer is that you can just talk to them and solve your problem. But if he is outside the country and he does not know your native language then English language is the only mean of communication ( How to improve your commutation and speaking skills) between you and him. So it is necessary that you must have knowledge of English language if you want to communicate with others.


These days the most common depression is of no job (How to overcome no job depression?). In all the government as well as private firms, it is mandatory that candidate should have the knowledge of English language. In all the government exams, a separate English language section is given that is compulsory to clear. Also in all the MNC’s, English is the primary language. They focus more on the English speaking and understanding skills of the candidates. If you want to get a job while studying in the college then English language knowledge is must.

It was all about How English language is Important in career and education? I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.