How to choose an English learning center or school?As we all know that English is an international language. It is necessary for all of us to learn English. It is a fact that one can learn English without going to any English learning center. Still if someone wants great environment then English learning center cannot be underestimated. And Choosing an English learning center is a tough task.

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Most of us take many steps to learn English but sometime we stuck in a problem that matters a lot of choosing right English learning center or school. I am giving you few parameters that will help you in taking the right decision. I have listed many points for How to choose an English learning center or school according to my personal point of view.

How to choose an English learning center or schoolHow to choose an English learning center or school

  • Franchisees Vs Company owned Institutes
  • Convenient
  • Teaching faculty
  • Batch strength
  • Course material provided
  • Practice sessions and mock tests
  • Old students review

Franchisees Vs Company owned Institutes

A franchisee is one or more persons owned center that purchases the rights to use a company business model. So it is dependent on few persons. If you have some issues then company owned institutes can solve them in a better way than that of franchisees. So among two choices of franchisees and company owned institute, you can choose company owned.

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How to improve your English vocabulary skills


Batches timing, its location and area should be convenient to you. If a good institute is situated at the other end of city then you will waste most of the time in traveling. Also batches timing should match your work or job timing. Without matching them you can’t give your time to it.

Teaching faculty

Teaching faculty is the most important parameter. Teaching faculty decides whether the center is good or not. You can find many teachers who don’t have remarkable qualification or experience. Always look for an English learning center that have qualified and experienced teaching faculty.

Batch strength

Study shows that a good teacher- student ratio always produces best results. A standard ratio is 1 teacher: 8 students. There are many English learning centers or schools where this ratio is so poor. A teacher is taking class of 50 students. You can imagine that how will you be able to solve out your doubts among so many students. So always seek for an English learning center that offers good teacher –student ratio

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Course material provided

It is the course material through which you will study the whole subject. You need to focus on it before taking admission. Some English learning centers provide their own quality course material. There are many other centers that don’t provide anything. So it is better to ask them that whether they are providing course material or not. And if they are providing then it should be of high quality (not like internet pasted material).

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Practice sessions and mock tests

If you don’t practice, then you can never polish yourself at least in English learning. You need to ask them that how the practice sessions will be held in the center. Will they take your any kind of mock test? Will they call any professional to train them? These kinds of questions should be asked before your admission.

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Old students review

When you buy a bike, you take reviews of that bike before purchase. Then why should not you take reviews of you English learning center or school. For review purpose you can ask to the old students of that center. They will tell you the exact that how this center helped or cheated them. So it becomes necessary to take their suggestions.

It was all about How to choose an English learning center or school? I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too. We will surely help you in choosing English learning center or schools.