How to choose good Research Topics: We have to face many situations in our academic where we have to submit a research paper. Choosing good research topics is always a challenging task for many of us. It is really hard situation when we stuck in choosing good research topics. Students waste lots of time in confusion that which topic will be the good one for them.

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We come across two situations when we have to choose good research topics. First one is when we have a list of topics given by our teacher and we have to choose the best one that suites us. Here we have a narrow list of research topics so we have no other option accept that list of Research Topics.

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And the second one is when our instructor does not give us any list and we have to choose a good research topic from our own decision. If you ask me then first one is comparably more easy situation than the second one because in second option we are responsible for our research topic. Also we have to make a wide search on all the research topics available. Here I am giving you some basic tips that how to choose good Research Topics. I hope these tips will help you in choosing your Research Topics.

How to choose good Research Topics

Only your interest mattershow to choose good Research Topics

It is your interest that can make all the research topics easy. If you have given an easy topic and you are not interesting to do it then you will not perform your best. Instead of this, if you have a typical topic and you are interested to do it then you will give far better results than the easy one.

Your interest will make you more positive and confident. Never choose topics according to the trend because finally it is your interest that will reflect your preparation in the report submission. So choose the topic in which you are interested.

Ask from your instructor

Sometime it becomes difficult to identify your interest and your affection. In this situation your instructor can help you. College students feel shy in asking anything to their instructor. Don’t ever hesitate to ask him about choosing good research topic. Tell him everything about your interest areas; he will definitely give you the best topic for your research paper.

Search many databases

Students just go into the libraries and search in a limited areas for the research topics. They need to be aware of the use of internet in education. There are thousands of good research topics that you can choose for yourself. Also ask from the online communities or social networking websites for the list of topics. Definitely you will have a large database of research topics.

Decide a specific time for search

I know a specific time is given to us for the research papers. It is student’s responsibility to submit research paper in the specific time period. But most of the students do it just for the sake of marks. Firstly they waste most parts of their time in finding the research topic. And finally they submit the research paper in a hurry. That is why they lose marks in paper. Students should give a specific time to search the research paper topic and they know how to manage time


I always appreciate those students who do brainstorming. Always remember your potential and powerful area. Try to focus on the audience you are writing your research paper for. Your research topic must have a predefined goal.

Carry research topic till the end

I found many students who start a research paper and leave it in the middle. They say,” It was not matching their interest.” But where were they when research topic has been chosen. They have wasted about half of their time in working on that topic and now they are making useless statements.

Better they need to do background work before they choose any topic for research papers. And ones they have chosen any topic then they need to carry it till the end with full confidence.

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So these are the tips on how to choose good research paper topics. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you feel any problem then hit comment button. We would like to help you.