How to choose optional subjects for IAS- UPSC Preparation: IAS exam is a big term for many students. They ask thousands of questions that should they go for UPSC exam preparation or not. Among these thousand questions, one question is very important that how to choose optional subjects for IAS exam.

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UPSC council made it easier because there is no need to choose of optional subjects for preliminary exam. So it becomes easier for aspirant. But still they have to choose optional subject for IAS exam. There is no specific answer for this question. But I will try to answer this question from my own experience. So here I am giving you some tips that how to choose optional subjects for IAS exam: UPSC preparation tips.

How to choose optional subjects for IAS- UPSC Preparation

Select one which you are interested in

It is your interest that is going to help you throughout the whole journey of IAS exam. UPSC exam preparation is a long journey, and you can survive in the journey if you are interested to read more and more about your subjects. Seriously, students who choose easy subjects in which they are not interested get bored after few months. Reason being, interest is the only key to learn subjects not easy or tough level of the subject.

Try to select subject from Graduation

If you know the subjects you are interested in then make a list of them. You may like subjects that you have read in school time or college time. But I suggest you to choose subjects that you have read in your college time. College time subjects are based on your maturity level because you know better that which subject you are interested in. Also recent touch with the subject will help you to understand it quickly.

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Availability of subject material

Ones you become able to understand you interest then go for the availability of subject course material. Most of the engineering students choose public admin, geography, history and economics just because of their subject course material. So find the books, notes and other sources for the subject before your choose it.

Never go for the trend

India is a country where we only focus what everyone is doing. And the interesting part is that everyone is doing the same thing what we are doing. I mean we all are running with sheep race. But in IAS exam, you need to take your own decisions. There are plenty of examples where aspirants chosen subjects that were not common but still they did it. So don’t ever follow the trend at least in IAS exam.

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Love it, work on it and Do it

If you have selected your subject, no more discussion is needed. Try to talk less with your seniors because they will suggest you other subjects you may not be interested in. Whatever subjects you choose, Love it and work smartly on it. And rest is the task of UPSC council. They will judge you according to the loyalty of your efforts made.

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It was all about “How to choose optional subjects for IAS- UPSC Preparation”. I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.