How to crack IAS exam after college level- UPSC preparation: If you ask me the best time to start UPSC preparation then I will suggest you school time and after that college time. If you have passed away from both of these stages then what? Still there are full chances of being an IAS officer. You are not going to believe e but most of the aspirants start their preparation after college level.

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So it’s a time when you can’t just feel relaxed at least in India. Seriously it is not my personal view that you don’t need to be relaxed. It is our society where you need to follow this sheep race where after college you need to do a job. And personally if you ask me,I will suggest you to forget everything what people say about you. Listen you inner voice and start following it. If it says that you have to be an IAS then just go for it. Here I am giving you some tips that how to prepare for IAS exam after college level- UPSC preparation.

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How to crack IAS exam after college level- UPSC preparation

Be prepared

Now be ready to face IAS exam. Your journey has begun and you have to be the winner of this game only. There is no shortcut for IAS exam. So be ready and start your preparation so that you can easily crack IAS exam.

Make a group

Try to make a group of friends who are preparing for IAS exam. Isolation is not worthy for IAS exam because alone you can’t make your mind more open. There are many benefits of making and studying in groups for IAS exam. You can discuss al your problem related to your subject matter with your friends group. If you don’t find any group then come on Facebook and join UPSC groups. You can find many groups for UPSC preparation.

Get into the depth of concepts

It is not the time to just read any topic roughly. You should understand the key concept of the topic. Try to get into the depth of all the topics you read. You can find help for all the topics from internet. So use this powerful tool and get into the depth of the topics.

Mock tests and Practice papers

You have heard many time that practice make a man perfect. It as true as sun rises from east because without practice you cannot just think about IAS exam. Collect all last year papers and mock tests, make a situation like real exam and start solving those papers. Really this technique will help you a lot I your real exam. With its help you can save a lot of time during the exam.

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Never think about Failure

Failure is made only for those who think about it. Aspirants who think about success will surely get success. IAS exam preparation time depends upon the state of our mind. If we think that we cannot do this then surely we will not. Try to be positive all the time and be motivated and self esteemed.

It’s not the END

After so much preparation, if still you are not selected in your first attempt then never loss your confidence because it is not the end. You can try for UPSC exam next year but it’s time to promise yourself that you will give really royal efforts to IAS exam.

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It was all about “How to prepare for IAS exam after college level- UPSC preparation”. I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.