How to crack ias exam in first attempt -UPSC Preparation: When someone talks about success in Civil Service examination then he need to understand that it is not like an academic examination where you can get the degree with some common tricks. UPSC-IAS is all about opening up your mind and thoughts.

Aspirants need to be aware and focused on what he/she is studying. It’s all about how much effort and time management one can put to crack it. And when it comes on cracking the IAS exam in first attempt, one need to be more focused. I always recommend candidate that don’t take UPSC as a four year plan. Believe in yourself (How to be Self-Motivated all the time) and try to crack it in your first attempt. While studying about IAS strategies I found these great lines.

If someone has cracked IAS exam in first attempt then you can do it too.

If someone has not cracked IAS exam in first attempt then You have to do it.

How to crack IAS exam in first attempt -UPSC Preparation

There are always many advantages of first attempt, I have written few of them here.


Fresh and free mindset

Fresh start is always the best start. When you start any task with a fresh mind then it always gives you better results. Same as for UPSC, fresh start always gives you more valuable results. Also free mindset helps you in cracking ias exam.

You will have flexibility of mindset and any change in the pattern of exam will not be going to disturb you. Aspirants who have given exam two or three time have a formed static mindset that they are not able to adjust with pattern change.

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Time to learn

It is the key advantage of the first attempt. You may ask other guys who have used their two or three attempts; they all are in more pressure of wasted years. But for a first attempter there is no fear of wasted year. Let’s say you are in the final year of Engineering then you will have 10-11 months for UPSC preparation.

This time period is enough for serious aspirants. Also if you have left 5-6 months then you can prepare for prelims because prelims is all about reading more and more books whereas main is a about your thoughts and awareness. So is first attempt you will have more and more time to learn.

Positive attitude

Starters always have positive attitude instead of others. Other aspirants who are used of UPSC-IAS always spread negativity that how difficult exam UPSC-IAS is? But they don’t know that it is their attitude only due to which they are not able to crack IAS exam. A famous writer Shive Khera has written a book, “You can win”. This book is all about attitude, that how positive attitude can make a difference. So take benefit of your positive attitude.

After discussing the advantages of first attempt not let us see that what the requirements for UPSC-IAS preparation are.



From the very first day of you preparation for UPSC-IAS, it is better for you to be disciplined. Discipline will be required on the every step of UPSC-IAS preparation. Whatever the emergency you face, never break your disciplined routine. You may have heard interviews and read article of toppers, they will always say it was discipline- self study that made them succeeded.

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Discipline is nothing without consistency. Let us say you are disciplined only for few days then it will not work anymore at least for UPSC. You need to be consistence throughout the whole journey of UPSC-IAS preparation. It is better for you to be consistence and regular for UPSC-IAS preparation.


Never think that your awareness will be required at time of interview only. Be aware of everything what is happening around you. If sudden change happens in the syllabus and pattern of UPSC-IAS then being aware will help you surely. When you study the syllabus, try to be aware of important topic because it is UPSC-IAS and there is not time to waste on useless topics.

Now you know the advantages and requirements for UPSC-IAS preparation, It is time to take action, let us see how to do it.

How to….??

Understand UPSC syllabus and Pattern

If you are in a war, it would be better for you to know your weapons and you should have the complete knowledge of the war that how to fight. Same with UPSC-IAS, it is not a war but not less than a war. Collect all your weapons like previous year papers, study material, notes, mock tests and books. Understand the game of UPSC-IAS and make your strategy according to the exam pattern and syllabus.

Cover scoring topics

I have told you that there is no choice for you to waste your precious time of the useless topics. So sit and try to know the scoring topics. Ones you find important topics that scores more, better you start covering them all. I recommend you to not just read topic ones or twice, try to understand the concept of topics.

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Study previous papers and practice mock tests a lot

Previous year papers and mock test are your weapons. Never underestimate these important tools. Collect maximum previous year papers so that you can get a brief idea that what kind of exam you are going to give. Practice more and more mock tests to know what will be happening on the day of examination. Try to make a real situation of the exam, take a mock test and complete it in the given time limit.

So that is how you can clear UPSC-IAS exam.

It was all about How to crack ias exam in first attempt -UPSC Preparation. I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.