How to crack IBPS CWE PO exam 2015 (tips and tricks):IBPS PO exam is considered as the most common competitive exam all over the India. According to the stats of IBPS-CWE 2014, 18 lack candidates given examination for 25000 PO vacancies. Lets us see its ratio

Candidates Vacancies Ratio
18000000 25000 72 Candidates = 1 Vacancy

Now it is sure that you have to compete with 72 candidates to crack IPBS CWE exam 2015. You might have studied in class of 80 students where you were in the list of top 50 students. So here is an interesting task for you, means there are great chances for you to crack IBPS PO because it is not for the crammers or rattebaaz students of schools or colleges, it is more about time management.

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Here are some tips on How to crack IBPS CWE PO exam 201 for all those students who were supposed that they can’t do anything.

How to crack IBPS CWE PO exam 2015 (tips and tricks)

1. Dedication

Dedication is the key point or start point for any big dream coming true, As Swami Vivekananda said

“Arise, Awake, Stop not until your goal is achieved”

You need to be so much dedicated towards your aim that it becomes your ambition of life. You must work on a single saying “Die or Survive”

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Make your mind like that IBPS PO exam is the only goal for you in coming next 6 months.

2. Smart work before hard work

You might hear that “hard work is the key for success”. True but competitive exams like IBPS PO Exam requires more of your smart work. As I recommend that doing hard work is good but not enough for IBPS PO Exam. So you must do some smart work before you start hard work.

Now the question arise that how to do smart work, here are some tips

(a) Know the exam pattern and syllabus

IBPS CWE comprises of five main section Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning, General awareness, English grammar and Basic Computer. You need to take a look on exam pattern and syllabus of IBPS PO exam. Lets see marks wise pattern and syllabus of IBPS PO exam.

Total marks=200 time=120 minutes

Sections Max Marks
Quantitative aptitude 50
Reasoning 50
General awareness 40
English 40
Basic Computer 20

(b) Make time table for each section

You have to perform well in all the sections given in the exam because these sections are set by IBPS council. IBPS PO exam is not like school board exams or college exams where you can leave complete section( that is not so important) to clear the exam.

So lets us consider that you devote 3 hours daily then you must follow this time table

Sections Time
Quantitative aptitude 45 minutes
Reasoning 45 minutes
General awareness 30 minutes
English 30 minutes
Basic Computer 30 minute

However General awareness and English requires more time to focus on but they also come in academic study that you have learnt so far. So your past work in your academics also matters.

(c) Focus on your key Sections

Let us say that English is your favorite subjects then you can’t give all your time to English, Yes you have to give more time to English because it will help you in your ranking. The candidates who scores good marks will get the higher rank because cracking any exam is not enough, you also need to get good rank as well.

3. Maintain an Average in all Sections

Here I am going to show you a stat that may shock you. It may be annoying for someone but it is a fact about IBPS PO exam.

Sections Max Marks Cut off Marks
Quantitative aptitude 50 24
Reasoning 50 24
General awareness 40 22
English 40 22
Basic Computer 20 15

So if you get single mark less that the qualifying cut-off then all your marks in other sections will not make you successful at all. Even your good performance in other sections will not be considered.

4. Do Practice!!

It is a well knows fact that “Practice makes a Man perfect”

More and More you practice more are the chances for you to crack IBPS PO exam. Practice daily on reasoning and quantitative aptitude and make yourself perfect in all the sections.

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The fact of IBPS PO exam is that it is not made for checking your mathematical ability that how you solve math’s problems, it is made to check that how fast you solve any problem and how fast you produce results.

5. Previous year papers

One’s you are well prepared for the exam, it is now the time to polish your skills again and again. The only one solution made for this is take all the previous year papers of IBPS PO exam and start solving them.

The reason for doing this is very simple because it will give you an Idea about what kind of questions were asked in the previous exam of IBPS PO and you will be able to find your weak points. So it is now your turn to polish yourself for best to best result.

6. Take coaching if possible

Personally if you ask me for the coaching I will say a big NO. Reason being, the candidates who crack IBPS PO exam were self focused. No one can teach you so well that without your own interest you crack IBPS PO exam. Without doing your own part you cannot success in any exam.

But above all if you are financially fine or sound then little guidance from coaching centers will help you a lot. It will help you in the exam because we are not here to debate that what is good or what is wrong, we are here to just crack the exam via (saam daam dand bhed) whatever is possible. So take coaching if possible for you.

So these are some useful tips and tricks on  How to crack IBPS CWE PO exam 2015. I home you enjoyed our article. If you feel any problem in cracking IBPS PO exam them comment below. We would love to help you.

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