How To Crack NDA Written Exam 2017: I met one of my colleague who have just passed NDA exam. Then I started asking him that how he has cleared this so called tough exam. He just replied me very politely that I followed Six steps which make me so confident that I was able to clear the NDA written examination. He told me that the written exam is totally based on the self preparation of the candidate. How anyone understand the concept and how he or she relate it to practical life.

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How To Crack NDA Written Exam 2017 Strategy And Tips

Here I am Going to Share the tips for the topic NDA i.e How To Crack NDA Written Exam 2017. The candidates are required to focus on the curriculum given to them in the subjects from their starting classes( As you can say from 5th class). Thereafter they need to follow a particular book for NDA( I guess Arihant is the Best book for NDA).How to crack NDA written examination

He explained that how much marks are approximately needed to clear NDA written exam.

The exam comprises of total 900 Marks (300 Math + 600 General Ability) from which a candidate is require to obtain at least 450-500 marks.

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Now the thing is that how will you get these marks to clear the written exam of NDA. To Make the list of all tips to know How To Crack NDA Written Exam 2017.

Tip-1-: Cover your basics first

You have heard this line many times from your seniors or from your teachers that if you want to clear NDA or any competitive exam then “Cover your basics” but no one tells that what are the basics. Now I am going to tell you this with an example.

Let’s say you want to solve a problem of mathematics.

cos(A+B)=cosAcosB – sinAsinB

You should know all the trigonometric formulas to solve this question.

Now you can see that clearing basics means you need to know that what are the basic needs for a question to be solved. Clearing basics does not mean that you can clear the exam easily. It just simply means that you are now enough prepared to face the problems of Exam. If you are not practicing for many problems then how can you be sure that you have done everything? So meaning of this paragraph is simple that Basics are important because these are the first step towards your exam.

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Tip-2: Work on English

When it comes on the second part after Math then I suggest you to focus on English because half of the marks from 600 are from English and half from G.K. So from this you can know that how English is important for you. Read newspapers (Importance of reading newspapers), Magazine and article of famous writers to enlarge your skill of English. It is the Best practice to improve your English.

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Tip-3: Study Syllabus and Pattern of NDA

Without understanding the scheme of exam you cannot prepare for any exam because if you just continuously cramming the syllabus for board exam then NDA is not your board Exam(How to top in boar exams?). So firstly  study the syllabus and the pattern for the exam in detail so that you can easily get the idea that what kind of questions will be asked to you in the exam of NDA.

Tip-4: Understand your Best part

The best part is always preferable for any candidates. The reason for it is quite stronger that is if you cannot do well in your best part then how you can do best in other part. Other factor is that in preparation of any examination confidence plays an important role and ones if you are sure that this portion of the syllabus is fully prepared then you can work on the weak parts too. So know your strength.

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Tip-5: Practice a lot

Do you know what? All the aspirants will have basic knowledge in the exam , but those students will win the race who have Practiced the last year exams or question of many books. Because practice is the key for success in any competitive exam(How to prepare for competitive Exams?) and for sure NDA. So do practice more and more questions to get near to the success.

Tip-6: Studies Plus

Doing study is good task but if the study is done in a undisciplined manner then it will not give you any result. So go for a walk daily(Benefits of Morning Walk?) because you are going to be the part of Defense Academy of INDIA.

So it was all about How To Crack NDA Written Exam 2017 Strategy And Tips. If you have any question and problems then share with us. We will help you to solve it 🙂


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