How to improve my English pronunciation skills: Each day I get many requests on how to improve English pronunciation. The reason for so many requests is quite obvious. People feel shy when they pronounce any word incorrectly. All the other guys used to laugh at them that how dumb is that person is? But it is not that much big problem. It is a common problem among all the peoples. They need to understand that with the help of some methods or tips they can improve their pronunciation very well. Today I am going to answer this very common question how to my improve English pronunciation skills.

How to improve my English pronunciation

Decide your accent

There are many accent of English language in the world. A British person will speak in a different manner or an American citizen will speak in different manner. It is all about their accent of speaking. The sound of vowels and consonant are totally different to each other. You need to decide a particular accent in which you want to speak.

Learn Sounds correctly

Play an audio of English and try to listen each world and letter correctly. You must listen each single letter with more awareness because these letters will be used in making sentences or word.

Monitor yourself

I always appraise monitoring. Whatever the task you do, you must monitor it. You should make a list of corrected words. Always update this list with new words. This method will help you a lot in finding your improvements in your work.

Correct yourself

Whenever you feel that you are going wrong or you are doing mistakes then it’s a time to correct yourself. Try to find out your own errors you make in speaking. One can correct himself if he is monitoring his task. So you must take a check on your tasks.

Learn from you tube

You tube videos are the best way I guess to improve pronunciation. In You tube videos, you will learn the real difference between the accents of all the countries. There are thousands of videos spread over you tube that can help you a lot in improving your pronunciation. Try to learn fro these videos.

Speak to yourself loudly at home

When you practice at home, try to speak each word loudly. With this your tongue will never be slipping. It is a practice that will give you confidence as well because there will be no fear of others. You must practice it daily for 30 to 45 minutes at home.

By this way you will be easily getting into the depth of the accent, and you will never make mistake in your pronunciation.

It was all about How to improve my English pronunciation skills? I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too. Or if you feel any problem in improving your English pronunciation skills then tell us, we will surely help you.