How to prepare for 12th board exams commerce: When board exams time come, all the students of commerce start collecting study material and notes. They put all the effort to have the best study material they can have. Commerce is the field of those students who have the power to play with numbers and students with creative thinking.

You can find many articles on how to top in board exams. But board exams of commerce side needs separate preparation tips. Students have to perform well in their core subject like account, business and economics if they want to score highest marks in 12th board exams.

Here we are talking about how to prepare for 12th board exams commerce. I hope these subject wise preparation tips will help you in your exams.

How to prepare for 12th board exams commerce


Clear your concepts

Accountancy is really a tough subject to study. Students must clear all his doubts when studying accountancy. If students study every topic deeply only then he will be able to answer the questions in exams. It is a fact that students get blank on the day of account exam. So always clear your concepts accurately.

how to prepare for 12th board exams commerce`
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Regular practice

It should be a thumb rule for the student of commerce that he will start a chapter and he will complete that chapter every day. Accountancy needs regular study and no one can understand its concept without doing regular study. As it is a practical subject so you should practice it daily.

Do calculation properly

Accountancy is typically a mathematical subject where you need to perform lots of heavy calculations. If you mistake in calculating any equation then all your problems will be affected. So always perform well checked calculations.

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Make a working note

After completing the question, student should make a working note at the end of the question. Working notes are hidden information like formulas and additional facts that adds more values in a question. Working note verifies that you know the concept of your question.

Business studies

An attractive presentation

Business study is a theoretical subject. So it is your presentation that can make you able to score good marks. Also there is a fact that business study is a scoring subject. So in this subject, students should give an attractive presentation in their exam. All your points written in the question paper should be clear and easy to read.

Underline the main headings

Your examiner does not have so much time to read each paragraph in details. Always make headings and underline main points so that it becomes easy for the examiner to read all the important aspects of question. Your examiner is paid for each minute so don’t make him irritated.

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Include table and charts

As it is a theoretical subject so you should make charts and tables to show figures. It makes your paper more interesting to read. Also it is helpful in explaining the question accurately. Students can make their paper more attractive than other students who are just writing theory and filling sheets.


Study important topic

Economics is a vast subject to read about. It is more a theoretical subject where you have to study a lot. It is very better if you firstly cover all the important topics of economics. It is seen in the board exams that most of the time the whole question paper is made up of important questions.

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Study last year papers

As I have already told you that economics needs a lots of time so studying important questions matter a lot. Now where to find important questions? It is your last year papers where all the important questions listed. Also students can take help their teachers and their seniors.

Include figures

As economics is a theory subject and no one wants to read theory at least your examiner. So always try to put your thoughts in the form of figures and tables. Growth rate, population and currency should be explained with the help of figures.

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Note: Start your new question next page: Starting a new question from the next page is always a great idea to score good marks. It makes your question paper more readable. As from examiner view, it saves a lot of time in checking the paper.

So it was all about how to prepare for 12th board exams commerce? I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.