How to prepare for 12th board exams science: Science students give less preference to the 12th board exams. They always make excuse like they are preparing for competitive exams like JEE-Main and PMT. They forget that your 12ht board percentage will also be needed in these exams.

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Also with the help of board exams, one can prepare for competitive exams too. Today I am sharing few tips that I followed in my board exams. I hope you will learn how to prepare for 12th board exams science.

How to prepare for 12th board exams science?

It is always good for any exam that you prepare it subject wise. With this, you can focus on scoring subjects that can boost up your percentage in exam. Also it is important for typical subjects where it is very difficult to score even average marks. Although you not just try for average marks, you need to always seek for the best results.

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Now let’s talk about subject wise preparation of 12th board exams science.

How to prepare for 12th board exams science?

Physics is the subject of theorems and formulas. You can never learn theorems without practicing them. So it is always a good idea that you practice all the formulas and theorem by your hand. Thermodynamics, Optics, waves and oscillations and Modern physics, all these topics are based on theorems. Also these are very scoring topics in competitive exams too.

Learn all the basics and fundamental concept of physics to gain more knowledge. Without numerical, Physics is nothing as I guess. Try to solve 5 to 10 numerical of each concept. If you leave this part then it may harm you a lot in the exam time.

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It was my favorite subject as I scored really awesome marks in chemistry. It was not in my case only because all my friends scored good marks in it. Chemistry is a mix of both numerical and theory. Also its numerical are facts based that can be solved easily.

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There are some students who find chemistry as a boring subject. The reason is that they leave organic chemistry. They think that it is very difficult to do but believe me organic chemistry is the most interesting part of chemistry. Also you can get full marks if your equations are correct.

Take a brief look whenever you start answering the question paper. Attempting the papers in an efficient manner can also increase your marks. It is always good if you attempt fact based question first because they are easy to do and can boost up your confidence level too.


As biology is the subject of difficult terminologies so here you require to memories a lot. A change in spelling can cause a wrong interpretation of the whole concept. Practice all the typical terms to make them correct in your writing. Biology subject contains lots of diagrams, charts and table. Never forget to add them because there will be o marks if don’t add them.

Thoroughly study the whole syllabus and whenever you find any difficulty then consult from the books or from internet. Biology requires a lot of study so make a proper time table to study it.


Math is the favorite subject for most of the students. There are many students who compete to get full marks in math. If you ask me the magic tool for math that can boost your marks then the only answer is practice. Practice all the sums by your hand. I have seen many students who cram the problems of math.

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Whenever you start math’s exercise, you should always read the basic concepts first. Students start exercise directly and waste their time because they don’t know the formulas of exercise. It is necessary that you read all the fundamental concepts and formulas.

Students just take the book and start reading all the problems without solving them. As a result of which they get blank in the exam. Also Lengthy calculation can waste lots of your time so remember more you practice less the time will be wasted in the exam. Never make silly mistakes in calculation because it can harm your whole question for sure.

Students apply short cut methods to solve problems but it may cut down your marks too. Never forget to add important steps of the questions. If you want to improve your speed then make a chart of common roots, cubes and square roots of the numbers.

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So it was all about how to prepare for 12th board exams science? I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.