How to prepare for competitive exams |Tips: Now a day, if you want to do any degree then you need be serious about the institutes who offer that degree. There are plenty of colleges and private institutes for any particular degree. But do you think that these all are worthy for doing degree. Yes off course not, so you need to take admission only in those institutes which are of national level at least.

And here interesting part is if you want to do your degree from a repudiated institute then you need to give there tough entrance exam. That’s the only point where most of the students quite just because they think they can not clear these kind of big competitive exam. So with some tips that how to prepare for competitive exams you can clear competitive Entrance exam.

How to prepare for competitive exams |Tips

Don’t take it too easy and too tough

No exam is so easy that you can clear it without preparation. You cannot call them bakwas (senseless) exam because if more 100 candidates are coming for 10 seats then it cannot be so easy. And also no exam is so tough that you are not able to crack it because the exams require you smart attention towards the exams.

How to prepare for competitive exams

Understand your exam

Now if you have cleared your first step which was smart attention then you next step understands the exam. I will explain you this with an example that if you are preparing JEE-Main and Advance exam then you need to focus on 11th and 12th class syllabus with deep knowledge and if you are preparing for CAT then you need to focus on your aptitude skills by solving many books.

Do Sting Operation

Doing Sting Operation is also the best part for any competitive exam. Sting Operation covers the analyses of the exam from last years, its syllabus and question pattern etc. It is also called as the smart work before you start preparation for any competitive exam.

Start with the base

Starting with the base will always help you in many ways. Base study for any exam is the foundation of success. Let’s say you are preparing for AIPMT then focus on the base syllabus of 11th and 12th class. Clear all the fundamental points of the entire subject which will be needed in the examination.

Time management

You can read many articles about the tips and strategy for any exam; you will find this common point time management. Yes it is necessary for any competitive exam because it is not your board class exam or college exam which you have cleared in just one late night study. Make a proper time table and start preparation for the exam

Practice last year exam

Practice makes a man perfect, yes very true. The reason being for this that more you practice more you will go near to the backbone of the exam. Practicing last year papers is recommended because it gives you all the samples of questions asked in the exam. And going without practicing them can be a foolish decision because in the exam you will be saying “Oh! My God I didn’t study that, Was this in the syllabus? ”. And a result of it you will be out of the race for the best.

So these are the tips that How to prepare for competitive exams ?