How to prepare for IAS exam at college level- UPSC preparation: Many of the students are studying in the colleges, and among those students, we have a huge list of students preparing for UPSC exam. There was a time when only B.A. students or students from traditional courses used to prepare for UPSC. But now the time has completely changed. All the students whether they of engineering or medical science are preparing for UPSC. They start their preparation for IAS exam at college level. And you will not believe that few of them are preparing for UPSC from their school time.

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So you need to start your preparation too for UPSC. Here I am giving you some tips that how to prepare for IAS exam at college level– UPSC preparation tips.

How to prepare for IAS exam at college level- UPSC preparation

Make a time table

If you are aware of the fact that All the UPSC aspirants have a particular time table then first of all you need to make a time table for UPSC preparation. A time table should contain everything related to your morning walk time, enjoyment time, friend’s gossip time (How to manage study interruptions), play time and most important study time. You need to make time table what covers all these important parameters. You must know that how to manage time for study.

Start making UPSC notes

Now it is the time to take notebook or dairy for separate subjects and start making notes of each concept. Notes are very beneficial throughout the academic or for the preparation of any competitive exam or IAS exam. Try to make the notes according to the subject matter. Notes should cover all the principles, significances and applications of particular topics. There are many benefits of making notes, so start making notes if you have not still started.

Be aware of current happenings

Most of the papers (excepting optional subjects) are based on the general studies( How to prepare IAS general studies paper?) of the aspirants. One needs to be aware of everything that is happening around him. The knowledge level of aspirants should be of upper class. See what are the main incidence taking place and note them in your notebook so that you can remember them.

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Watch TV news on regular basis

As we have discussed, aspirant knowledge base will be checked in the IAS exam. And T.V. is a very good medium with the help of which you can get daily updates. News channel covers all the important updates that may help the aspirants in their interview as well as in written exams too.

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Focus on your subjects of course as well UPSC subjects

One important point is that you can’t forget your college study. After all you need to qualify your college exams too. Of course you can focus on both, UPSC as well as your college subjects. Also your course subject will help you to enhance your knowledge base.

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Be Determined

Never go off beats because you need to be self motivated all the time. UPSC exam is very far and there may be some situations when you may be feeling undetermined. Always be positive towards your aim of life that why you have selected UPSC exam as a career.

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It was all about “How to prepare for IAS exam at college level-UPSC preparation”. I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.