How to prepare for IAS exam at school level-UPSC Preparation: Most of us start preparation for IAS exam at college level or after college level. But few candidates start their preparation for IAS exam at school level. School level is the initial stage where you have to decide first that whether you want to go for UPSC exam or not. Students need to understand that they can take UPSC as a career option.

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I am very sure about it that if you are aware of ias exam at school level then your chances of selection in IAS exam are more. Candidates preparing for IAS exam at school level needs to make their dream clear and then study according to the time table.  So here I am giving few tips for how to prepare for IAS exam at school level- UPSC Preparation.

How to prepare for IAS exam at school level- UPSC Preparation

As I have told you that this initial stage is your decision taking stage. You need to make it clear that your task is only IAS exam preparation and nothing else. Try to believe yourself that Yes You Can. After this, never let your confidence gets down because it will be needed at different level or in hurdles IAS exam.

Time management

After making your dream clear and believing yourself, start your IAS exam preparation by managing your time according to school or tuition classes. Try to manage your time accordingly that you can give at least 1 hour to conceptual study. Managing your time for study will always be going to help you.

Conceptual study

Always focus on the concept of the topic, never cram your subjects. Don’t try to be the master but get the concept very well. Try to prepare for exams using NCERT books. NCERT books are supposed as the best source for study in IAS exam. So try to read them according to the concept given.

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Never bunk classes

Classes are very important whether you are preparing for IAS exam or board exams. You can never underestimate the usefulness of classes. Tuition classes as well as school classes, both are equally important. Few students think that they are very clever because they go to the best coaching center but never think about this because UPSC council will not ask you for your coaching center.

Make class notes

Class notes will help you in your board exam to quickly revise the whole syllabus. Same thing is with IAS exam preparation. There are many benefits of making notes that will surely help you in IAS exam. With class notes you can always remind the main points of the concept. Notes will make your remember main topics for a long time. So always make class notes.

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It was all about How to prepare for IAS exam at school level- UPSC Preparation. I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.