How to prepare for ibps computer section: IBPS has become the big name in the field of banking career. Each year IBPS exam is becoming more and more typical. The difficulty level of the exam is so much high that students are taking coaching of IBPS. They are spending about one year in the preparation of the exam.

This exam contains three sections mainly: English, Reasoning and Computers. And we have to maintain an average of marks and also there is a qualifying condition in all the sections. All the students can perform well in the two sections that are English and Reasoning but when it comes on computers, candidates start thinking that oh my God I am not from IT background so how can I tackle this section of IBPS.

They have made a myth that students from the IT background can only clear this section. But it is not true at all. So here are few tips how to prepare for ibps computer section. I am writing this article how to prepare for ibps computer section for all the students who are now from IT background.

How to prepare for IBPS computer section

Follow any computer basic book

You may think that if I am not from the IT background then how I can read a book of computer. It is only your wrong assumption. Grow up my friends; you have done your graduation without any basic knowledge of many subjects.  You are now at that stage where you can take knowledge from any book without any help.

I am not saying you to be the scientist but only read that book once. You will get to know that you can easily understand those things which will help you in the exam. And of course IBPS exam will test only your basic knowledge that whether you can operate a system or not perfectly.

how to prepare for ibps computer section

Turn ON the PC

Yes I am saying you this that turn ON your PC. When you practically see the various hardware and software of computer then you will get complete idea that what are you going to read in computer? They are many candidates who just do the basics of computer from their home PC. About all the questions come from the basic so just turn on the pc and learn its basic functions like MS-Office and internet etc.

Ask your friends

You may find many friends in your circle who are from IT background. They can guide you easily that how to start with computer. And it is really not a big game. I have many friends who are from NON-IT background and I used to guide them that how to study computer and where to focus on more. So ask your friends for the help.

Join a basic course

If you are enough to afford a basic course then just go for it. There are many institutes who give basic computer coaching on nominal charges. You should join them for knowledge purpose only not for certificate purpose. You will get a guidance that how to study computers.

Google It

If possible then use internet. There are many websites who gives online course of computer basic. Go on Google and it will guide everything that how to learn and how to study.

Understand it necessity

Candidates just ignore this section and they say that they will score well in other section. But you have to maintain an average In the exam.

And the other aspect is that if you are going to be a clerk or PO of a bank then you must know the basics of computer.

So these are the tips how to prepare for ibps computer section.