How to prepare for SBI Bank PO exam computer section: Due to so much interest of candidates in bank exams, SBI Bank exam has become very famous among the youth generation. Also SBI Bank preparation is becoming more difficult due to hard competition among the candidates. Students are paying lots of money to the coaching centers and institutes for training purpose.

Most of the banks coaching centers are focusing on the general awareness, logical reasoning and English section only. They are teaching computer section just for the namesake. In computer section they taught just few objective type questions and nothing else. Due to competition, you cannot leave computer section too. Computer requires practice and serious study if you want to score highest marks in it. Also it is really scoring if you know the answers then no time will be wasted in answering the questions.

So here are some tips that how to prepare for SBI Bank PO exam computer section. I hope these tips will help you in your SBI Bank.

How to prepare for SBI Bank PO exam computer section

Join a basic course

If you have some money to invest and you have proper time for the exam then I will suggest you to join a basic course of computer. In the basic course, you will study all the related concepts that are asked in SBI Bank exam.

A basic course covers computer components ( INPUT- OUTPUT devices), MS-Office, Network concept, basics of internet and emails knowledge. If you look at computer section of SBI Bank exam then you will find that this is the main syllabus of computer.

How to prepare for SBI Bank PO exam computer section
Practice at home

Computer is a practical subject where you need to perform actual practical. Also in SBI Bank exam, there are many questions that can be answered easily if you have done computer practical. If you have computer at home then it is really going to help you a lot.

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Now you have all the privileges to work on the computer. You can open up your computer and see its all inner functionality that is not possible at any institute.

Memorize basic terminologies

Computer section is full of terminologies. If you take sample papers of SBI Bank exam then you will find that there are many questions related to terminologies. Also these questions are directly from the terminologies that can be easily answered. It is better that you memorize all these basic terms of computer.

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Ask your friends for help

In most of the cases, we all have a friend who knows about computers very broadly. Contact and ask him for the help. It is not a difficult job for him because he knows the proper format and order of learning computers basics.

Also if you have computer at home then your friend can quickly give you practical and you will learn all these steps easily. So it is good that you ask from friends about computer sections.

Visit internet Cafes

I always suggest students to use internet. There are countless uses of internet in Education. Candidates preparing for SBI Bank PO exam should visit internet cafes. Internet cafes will polish your computer skills. Also you will be able to learn more about internet and emails.

You can find many other sources on internet too like PDF books and learning videos.

So it was all about how to prepare for SBI Bank PO exam computer section? I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.