How to prepare IAS general studies paper- UPSC Preparation: Those days has gone very far when books were the only source to prepare for UPSC. Now the time has totally changed, one cannot rely only on the single source for broad preparation. Candidates need to enlarge their knowledge base for general studies. Candidates usually ask which magazine, book and newspaper they should read for UPSC preparation.

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The answer is given below but you cannot just focus on one source. Due to the massive changes made by UPSC council, the effectiveness of newspapers, magazines and internet has increased. So some tips are given below that how practically you can prepare for IAS general studies.

How to prepare IAS general studies paper- UPSC Preparation


Newspapers were doing well in UPSC preparation and I am sure they will be doing well too. A newspaper covers the knowledge about North south east west present and past. So it is mandatory that aspirants read at least two newspapers.

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The most common newspapers among CSE aspirants are ‘The Hindu’ and ‘Indian Express’. If someone is not able to get these newspapers then they can read ‘The Hindustan Times, Times of India and DNA too. One needs to read local newspapers too because that will help them in interview.


Magazines cover most important and relevant news of current happenings. There are many aspirants who read magazines to increase their knowledge base and to read about preparation tricks.

The most common magazines among UPSC aspirants are Pratiyogita Darpan, Civil Services times and competition wizard etc. Also Kurukshetra, Frontline and the Economist are useful too.

NCERT books

There is no fixed rule that from which section most of the question will be asked. It varies year to year and also according to the change in syllabus pattern. Questions will be according to the principles, facts, application and current affairs. Reading only NCERT books is not sufficient because aspirants will be required an analytic approach to answer the question.

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So it is mandatory that candidates read NCERT book with full coverage and deep understanding of the concept. Depth knowledge of any topic will make you survive in UPSC exam.


Last but not the least point is ‘The Internet’. One can never ignore the importance of internet in UPSC. It is Internet with the help of which one can get in the touch of all the updates second to second.

I am giving so much preference to internet because one can get books, magazines and newspapers directly from the internet. Also Social media websites help a lot to get in the touch of experienced candidates.

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So with the help internet, one can get all the benefits.

It was all about How to prepare IAS general studies paper- UPSC Preparation. I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.