How to start IAS preparation at home without coaching: IAS preparation needs your passion and patience. IAS exam is for those who are self confidant and eager to learn more and more. But students think that it is for those who take coaching from Delhi.

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You are not going to believe me; I have seen many fools who are over-confident about IAS exam because they are taking coaching from Delhi. And I seen more fools who are just afraid of IAS exam because they are not taking coaching from Delhi. I am really sorry if you are in one of those. Tell me one thing, Have UPSC council given any quota for the aspirant taking coaching from Delhi. I hope not, so why are you worried about it.

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Self study is always the best way to study for the exams like IAS. Delhi aspirants who clear UPSC do self study and that is why they got selected. It is not their coaching center who made them selected. Somehow guidance matters but it is not your board exams where most of the time teacher is responsible. IAS exam preparation is more about students’ responsibility.

Here I am giving you some tips for how to start IAS preparation at home without coaching. I hope you will never think about taking trendy coaching like others.

How to start IAS preparation at home without coaching

Time matters a lot to you

When you are at home, try to make a study room as your class room. It is really very necessary because our mind is habitual to it. There should be defined time for study like 9am to 5 pm (1 hour break). It is really going to work for you. If you are not able to have a study room then go to the public library of your city. Self discipline or time management will be needed at all the levels of UPSC exam so always be in disciplined from the very first day. Always manage interruptions like friend’s gossip at home or social networking websites.

How to start IAS preparation at home without coaching
Make and Study in groups

It is a fact that studying alone at home may put some depression on your head. It is not your lack of confidence because it is our mind that needs someone to discuss about some matters. Of course self study matters a lot but there are many benefits of studying in groups. And if you are not taking coaching from anywhere then it is better that you make a group for friends who are preparing for UPSC. It is somewhat difficult but not impossible and finally it is going to help you a lot.

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Take help from internet

Internet is the best tool as far as I am concerned about UPSC preparation. There are unlimited uses of internet in education. Students who are preparing for UPSC must use internet. They can find lots of communities on social networking websites who are preparing for IAS exam.

Also you can find best study material for your subjects. You can download previous year papers for free. There are many online portals who freely guide you throughout your whole preparation like us. So take advantages of this amazing tool.

Have some outing after a regular period of time

I never talk about becoming a bookworm and locking yourself in study room. If your mind is not open then how can you face the interview round. IAS exam is three stage processes. If you don’t clear the final step then only your friends are going to respect you that you have cleared two rounds of IAS exam but practically there is not benefit of it. Have some outing after a regular period of time.

It is not time pass but it is necessary because it will make your mind more fresh and aware. Outing can be like going for a one or two days trip or it can be taking a morning walk daily.

Never go off beat

As I have told you that it is your self confidence that will put you forward in the journey of IAS exam. Always try to be self motivated and positive all the time. If you go out of the beat then probably no one is going to help you. Everyone will be just making fun of you by saying you a “Devdas or IAS Bhai”. So it is up to you that how you manage this all. Learn how to do mediation daily because it will open many other paths for you that you can’t even imagine.

So it was all about how to start IAS preparation at home without coaching? I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic then please comment below. We would like to help you.