how to top in board exams…????Board exams are like nightmare for many students. For few students board exams are like an opportunity to prove them. These days many students just want to clear the board exams .They never even think for topping board exams. They say that it is the task of bookworms only. They don’t want to be a bookworm at all. It is a good thing that they do not want to be a bookworm. But supposing that only bookworms top in the board exam is worthless. There are many students who top the board exams with following a good maintained time table. And this time table does not say that study all the time continuously. In this time table they give time to each activity like sports, meditation, healthy food and friends talk etc. So I am giving you some tips that how you can be the topper of your class without being a bookworm. Here are some tips for how to top in board exams.

how to top in board exams
how to top in board exams

How to top in board exams….??????

Before the exam

Time Table for each activity

Make a good time table which comprises of all the important daily activities. You need to give time to all other think too which are not related to your study because some how they will affect your study. Do meditation daily which will increase you memory power. And if you have god remembrance power then you can learn a lot.

Regular study

Regularity is supposed as the key for success. Yes it is a fact that regular study plays a crucial role for your exams. Study on the regular basis so that in the exam time you never go into the stress.

Morning walk

Morning walk is compulsory for all the human beings. It gives you fresh air which opens up your mind thoughts. It will make you healthy and with the help of it you will not ill due to exam pressure. So you will be performing well in the exams.


Positivity is must in all the stages of life. If you a man with negative thoughts then how can you think about topping board exams. It has been proved that whatever the thoughts come in your mind, you just become like them. So if you think positive then you will definitely top the exam. For this you need to read some good motivational books.

On the Day of exam

Read the paper throughout

Most of the students do this mistake in the exam. They just start answering the questions without reading the question paper throughout. They say that it is just the wastage of time. But it is analyzing period of the exam with which you decide that which portion requires how much time. So read the question papers throughout.

Good handwriting and Make your answer sheet clean

Your handwriting matters as much your knowledge. Because if you are not able to present your knowledge in a good manner then it worth nothing to anyone. So write your exam clearly and don’t ever make your answer sheet dirty.

Make proper diagrams

Diagrams are the soul of any question. Our mind just works on the images. So whatever the picture you made for any question, our mind will start thinking about that. So make proper diagram according to the topic so that you that you can connect with teachers mind.

Heading are titles

Use heading and titles play an important role because anything written in the paragraph looks less interesting. If you have given titles and headings to each question then it will looks far better.

Don’t quite if your exam is over

Students just leave the examination hall as soon as they complete their exam. But we must check our paper after completing it. We have given sufficient time to do that paper. So what is the logic to quite from the examination hall so soon? If you have time then read the paper throughout before you leave.

So these are the tips for how to top in board exams.