How to write a good research paper: Research papers are very important parts of our academics. Some time these research papers are useful when you are going for any job. It is only student’s responsibility to submit the research paper at time because no one is going to make his research paper.

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Your teacher will assign you a research paper format and now it all depends upon you that how you choose topic for the research paper. For sure your teacher will help you in making the research paper but still it is all up to you that how good research paper you write. So it is the time to have some cup of tea because I am giving you some tips that how to write a good research paper. These tips will guide you throughout the research paper writing.

How to write a good research paper

Choose topic

Your topic of research paper matters a lot if you want to write the best research paper. Few students choose research topics on the basis on trends. They are just running with the crowd where all the students are following the same way. A great topic of your interest can make your research paper the best or worst. Students should know how to choose good research topics.

Sometimes students start a research topic and leave it in the middle. They waste so much time, so one need to decide a specific time for choosing a research paper topic.

How to write a good research paper
Ground work

Before you start writing research paper, you need to do some ground work.


Students need to do some research on his topic. Research should include its history, background and past works. Cover all the important aspects related to the research topic. Collect all the related information where ever you find it.

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Visit libraries

Open the door of your school or city library. Read related information that is given in the books. Read books of different author and learn their opinion given for that topic. One can find many of the research papers in the library that can help him a lot.

Go online

I always recommend students to go to the internet. There are many uses of internet in education. Research paper’s ground work also comes in it. There are many communities over the internet that can help you a lot. You can ask directly to the members about your research paper. Social networking website groups can also help you in your research paper.

Read magazines and newspapers

Students never read newspapers and magazines. They need to understand that newspapers and magazines are the great source of information. And when you are making a research paper then these tools can help them a lot. Magazines cover topic wise detail of maximum research paper topics.

Report Writing

After ground work, it is the time to write your report. Students should follow a proper format in writing a research paper.


A summary contains the prime part points of the whole research papers. It contains a basic review of the research paper, conclusion and recommendations. It should be short in terms of length. One needs to include all the prime information regarding the research paper because sometimes people only reads the summary of research paper and give their complete view about it.


This should be the very first page of the research paper. It contains explanation about the research paper that why this is being made. Few students start introduction and write everything to make it more large. Students should keep it informative by telling the main concern and the theme of the research paper.

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If you say that it is the most important element of the research paper then you are absolutely right. In introduction, one needs to write to the point and plain English but in body one can use technical words or jargon to express their view. It contains all the information with subtitles. One needs to put the most important elements first according to the order. Diagrams and charts may help students to make their research paper report more friendly.


Last but not the least is conclusion of the research paper. One needs not to take it lightly. Conclusion of the research paper should be strong and catchy. There should be no use of jargon and technical term. Everything comes together in conclusion.

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Final check

You can’t submit your research paper just like this. There is still some checks left that should be given to the research paper. One needs to give two checks to the research paper.

First check: This check contains the investigation of the content. Check for the content that is there any important information that is left. If it is so then you need to add that information in the research paper.

Second check: This check contains the investigation of grammatical mistake. Read the whole research paper throughout and find the grammatical errors and mistake. These mistakes can kill your complete hard work. So remove them if they occur in the report.

So these are the tips on How to write a good research paper. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you feel any problem then hit comment bottom. We would like to help you.