Interjection Examples and Meanings with Explanation: Interjection is used to show emotions and sentiments of Nouns and speakers. Interjection has no grammatical relation with the sentences. In academics writing, Interjection has very less uses. Students use interjection when they have to write a quote or saying. At the end of this article, we will give you a pdf file of all this interjection examples article for free download.

For Example: Hey! Making mistakes again and again is not good.

In this example, interjection Hey is used to give attention what speaker is saying.

Note: Most of the Interjections are followed by exclamation sign (!).

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This post is all about Interjection Examples and Meanings with Explanation. It covers Interjection Examples with their meanings in an explanatory way.

Interjection Examples and Meanings with Explanation

This table contains Interjection, Interjection meanings and Interjection Examples.

Interjection Meanings Interjection Examples
Ah! Sorrow “Ah! He has lost his legs.”
Pleasure “Ah! What a great day is this.”
Surprise “Ah! We have won the football match.”
Aha! Understanding “Aha! So he was the real thief!”
Alas! Sorrow “Alas! Her mom died yesterday.”
Ahem Doubt “Ahem! I am not sure about my result.”
Attract Attention “Ahem! Listen, Mark will not come today.”
Aww! Sweet and Cute “Aww! Her baby is so cute.”
Bingo Right answer “Bingo! Finally you hit the bull’s eye.”
Bravo Excellent “Bravo! You got top position in you class.”
Bye To go away “Bye! I am leaving now.”
Blah Frustration, Boring “Blah! This computer never works.”
Bless To make lucky, to protect “God bless you my son.”
Behold Look at, Attention “Behold, The giant is coming”
Dear For Loving ones “Dear, You need to wait for a while.”
Er Hesitation, Pause “California is in….er.…America”
Eh Surprise “Eh! really you divorced him”
Eww Disgusting “Eww! His hands are so dirty.”
Fie Shame “Fie! You misbehaved with your parents.”
Good Something nice “Good! You are learning new skills.”
Goodbye To go away “Good Bye! We will meet soon.”
Goodness Surprise “Goodness! You have become so handsome.”
Great Impressive “Great! She is so talented.”
Ha Disagree “Ha! I don’t think he can survive anymore.”
Ha Ha Joy, feeling pleased “Ha! Ha! This scene is so funny.”
Hello Greeting someone “Hello, I am Steve Smith.”
Hi Greeting someone “Hi, I am your new teacher.”
Hey Calling Someone “Hey! You can’t go that way.”
Huh Disbelief “Huh! She can’t win fashion competition.”
Hmm Agree, Pause “Hmm! I am sure about the train timing.”
Hurrah Joy “Hurrah! We got entry in final match.”
Hush To be quiet “Hush! My bay is sleeping.”
Ho Calling Someone “Ho! Come here.”
Humph Displeasure “Humph! He is not a nice person.”
Indeed In fact “Indeed! He was a gentleman.”
Lo Attention “Lo! We have a new member in our team.”
Listen Attention “Listen! This game will of two hours.”
Look Attention “Look! Every student will follow exam guidelines.”
Man Surprise “Man, it’s too hot outside the house.”
Mwah Sound of kiss “Mwah! I love her very much.”
No Neglecting anything “No! I am not coming to the office.”
Nah Neglecting anything “Nah! She is not in my class.”
No way Neglecting Strictly “No way! Sophie will not join our group.”
Oh Surprise, Pain “Oh! You hit my nose while playing.”
Oh No Alarm of error, problem “Oh no! We need to get out of here.”
Oh my God Shock and Surprise “Oh my God, this movie is so scary.”
Ooh la la Surprise “Ooh la la! You got strong muscles.”
Ooh Excitement “Ooh! The superstar is just coming to meet us.”
ok Alright “Ok! Smith will meet you at coffee- house.”
Please Polite request “Please! Hold this box for me.”
Rats Disappointment “Rats! He lost all his money in gambling.”
Shh Urge Silence “Shh! The monkey is outside the house.”
So Pause, Surprise “So! Let’s go to the ground.”
Thanks Gratitude “Thanks for coming to the party.”
Uh oh Concern of error “Uh oh! We should leave this dirty place.”
Umm Hesitation “Umm! I don’t know how to make food.”
Uh Confusion “Uh! Who was in the room last night?”
Waa! Waa! Sound of crying baby “Waa! Waa! I am not going to school.”
Wow Amazing “Wow! It was a splendid shot.”
Well Done Praising “Well Done my boy, you did it.”
What Surprise “What! You are not giving exam this semester.”
Yeah Joy, celebration “Yeah! Summer holidays has started.”
Yes Agree “Yes, Police caught two thieves in the mall.”
Yikes Fear “Yikes! The giant has awakened now.”
Yuck Disgusting “Yuck! Her house is so dirty inside.”
Yummy Tasty “The soup you made last night was very tummy.”
Yo Greetings “Yo Mark! How are you?”

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