Is English language difficult to learn? English language is essential to learn. Also English is supposed as the most difficult language on the planet. But learning English is all about the community you are living in. For native speakers, English is not difficult and for non-native speakers, English is a difficult language. People who find it difficult are not wrong because English is really a crazy language. There are few factors that make it so crazy

Vocabulary: The very first step in learning English is to understand the meaning of English words. The collection of English words is huge. One needs to improve his vocabulary skills in learning English first.

English Grammar: Believe me it is difficult to learn English grammar in a short time. You should know the step by step order to learn English grammar. English grammar nouns, punctuation, genders and tenses are very complex to learn.

Spelling system: The spelling system of English is very crazy. Sometime, it requires applying different rule on all the words. But still as compare to other languages it is not that much difficult. Also English has the most successful spelling system on the planet.

Rich sound system: Sound system of English is so rich that sometimes English masters get confused. Silent words create so many problems in pronunciation. Also spelling system had made it crazier.

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Still English is love by all, and it should be loved. English is the only language that deserves to be on the top position. Only English can bind the whole world together.

Now lets us find whether English language is difficult or not.

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Is English language difficult to learn?

Who says English langaue is difficult.

Persons who call English as the most difficult language, they must be non-native speakers. It is a fact that non-native speakers finds it difficult to learn. They need to understand that if they have to learn their native language then how difficult that would be. Like French, Chinese, Dutch and German, English is not so much typical. Yes learning English is difficult in some countries like India where one have to face so much criticism by their friends.

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Who says English language is not difficult.

Native speakers find it very easy to speak in English. Also there are many non-native speakers who say English language is very easy to learn. It is so because they know how to learn English language. If you learn Chinese then you will understand the fact that how easy English language is?

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So one must try to learn English language and learn the tips to improve their English communication and speaking skills.

It was all about is English language difficult to learn? If you feel any problem regarding this topic or you want to add few more points then hit comments button, we would like to reply your queries and suggestions.