Is IAS exam like a career risk-UPSC Preparation Tips: Candidates preparing for IAS exam are considered as Ignorant and time waster in India. It is supposed that they have nothing to do and that is why they are just passing their time by saying ‘I am preparing for IAS exam’. Reason Being IAS exam is toughest exam of INDIA. IAS exam has become a biggest risk of career for many aspirants these days.

Now do you really think that you have taken a big risk of your career? I know many of us think about it before we start preparation for IAS exam. And few of us start thinking about it after our first or second attempt. I request you all to think about it again that why you have chosen IAS as your dream. I am giving you some reasons that why IAS exam is not like a risk for your career and please start UPSC preparation again.

Is IAS exam like a career risk- UPSC Preparation Tips

Worthy things are never easy???

Whether you want to climb on the Mountain Everest, want to be richest person on the planet or want to be an IAS, these all valuable things and positions are not easy to earn. You need to put your dedication, passion and awareness into them. Preparing for IAS- UPSC exam is same because if you get success then you will be given more benefits and powers by this IAS position. So your path will not be easy but still it will be interesting.

Wasted time in useless degrees

Two friends were talking to each other. First one (A) did MA (Economics), MA (English), M. Phil, B.ed and right now doing M.ed. Second one (B) did just BA and appeared one time in the IAS-UPSC exam. Now you tell me who is better than each other.

A is still filling his bag with degrees and saying why B has wasted so much time in UPSC preparation. And B has actual experience of sitting in the exam(With the help of what he can prepare for BANK exams too). Now you decide who have taken risk of career.

You might have a solid reason

IAS exam is not for coward candidates. It is not made for the persons who start crying if they don’t get good mark in their academics. IAS exam candidates have a solid reason that why they are preparing for it. Whether they want to change the system or help poor peoples, they have a big reason for it. And for this you need to be motivated and self esteemed.

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Now decide

Now it is the time to decide that why you have started IAS exam preparation and why you have to start. Decisions are yours and you have to face the result of your decisions. Prepare yourself to take decisions and face results instead of running with the crowd like sheep.

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