Is there still a hope for me in IAS- UPSC preparation Tips: Union Public service commission comes with new challenges and difficulties every year. Few aspirants get selected and many of them start preparation UPSC for the next year. But there are few students who are not able to survive in the journey of UPSC. They state that there is nothing left for them and it’s time to quite UPSC preparation. We get many queries where students ask: “Is there still a hope for me in IAS exam?” Today I am here to tell you a story of an UPSC aspirant. This story is related to all other aspirants who are having this type of questions in their mind.

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I met him in the party and we just started discussion about UPSC preparation. Believe me; in the discussion of few minutes he repeated this line many times that “Is there still a hope for me in UPSC?” He was very depressed but I tried to answer his doubts. I told him about all the aspirants who are having the same problem or bigger problems than this one. I discussed that these aspirant are still fighting then why don’t you. This question comes into aspirant’s mind in four stages of UPSC preparation.

So I want to share all these four stages of UPSC preparation.

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Is there still a hope for me in IAS- UPSC preparation Tips

Stage 1- It is your first attempt and only few months left.

Tell me have you prepared well or given a well defined time to UPSC?

I know if you are honestly answering then your answer will be no. So you don’t need to be afraid or tensed. Better prepare your mind for the next test. And if your answer is yes then go for it. Don’t ever think about next year. UPSC should be not like a four year plan; think that you have only this chance.

Stage 2- After the result of first attemptIs there still a hope for me in IAS- UPSC preparation Tips

Now you know what you did in the exam, ask yourself

Have you given your complete efforts?

Are you eligible for being an IAS officer?

Even you tell me, do you deserve it honestly?

If you are sure about your selection then leave this page just now and start preparation for main. If you are not sure then forget everything and start your preparation for next year. And try to crack IAS exam this time for sure.

Stage 3- After 2 year’s failure

Now you know what are your weaknesses and what are your strengths. Increase your strengths and decrease your weaknesses. Don’t lose hope and be motivated. Don’t think that you have lost everything, understand this point that you are more than other aspirants because you have more experience than them. No one have so much dedication who can stand so far like you. But you are still fighting means you have something in you. Make a time table for study and manage your time accordingly.

Stage 4- Last and final chance

Just prepare for the exam and give your best. It’s a time to think about your past hard work and dedication. You have given so much time and efforts to this exam; I know you may be thinking that if I don’t get selected then everyone will laugh at me. Or your life will be ended.

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No my friend, it is not the end of life. You will face so many challenges in your life that you cannot even imagine. And there many competitive exams other than UPSC, you can easily clear them. So never say

Is there still a hope for me in IAS exam?

Because it is the INDIA, It is a JUGADU country. You will fit yourself somewhere for sure.

And my friend was in stage 3 and finally he left me with a great smile and delight on his face. He thanked and promised me that he will never feel like this whatever the situation come in his life.

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It was all about “Is there still a hope for me in IAS- UPSC preparation Tips”. I hope you enjoyed reading this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.