Is UPSC-IAS exam very tough or easy- UPSC Preparation Tips: UPSC-IAS exam has become so massive that even when we talk about UPSC, mind starts thinking “Oh how big aim is this?” UPSC-IAS exam was never too easy and never too difficult for aspirants. It was just our mindset that made it so difficult to achieve. UPSC council decided to judge the candidates according to their thoughts, awareness, dedication and hard work. For this reason they gave candidates three stages, Preliminary, Main exam and Interview. And what is wrong about it? If you want to be IAS of any city then you must have these qualities in you.

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But we made UPSC-IAS exam like a nightmare and game of life or death. We made UPSC a four year plan. Let us see who finds IAS exam so tough and who finds it easy. To make it clear, I have categorized standard of IAS exam on the basic of candidate’s deservingness in two parts.

Who deserves UPSC –EasyIs UPSC-IAS exam is very tough or easy?”

Who don’t deserve UPSC- Difficult

Is UPSC-IAS exam very tough or easy- UPSC Preparation Tips

Who deserves UPSC –Easy

UPSC-IAS exam is an easy game for all those aspirants who are having these qualities.

Dedicated and Smart worker

The deserving candidates of IAS exam are dedicated to their work. They are so dedicated that they never think about what other people thinks about them. They work smartly for success in the civil exams. They make a proper strategy to crack IAS exam. They work according to the time table with deadlines. They deserve UPSC-IAS exam and never complains about the tough pattern of exam.

Passion and love about what they do

Whatever the field you choose to work, it is your passion and love about your work that will make you succeeded. Same case is there in UPSC-IAS exam. There is a famous quote for love and passion

Love what you do and Do what you love.

Many candidates say that they will feel bored when they start study. No my dear, IAS exam is all about your love with your subjects.

Focus Intensity and Loyalty of Efforts

Try to burn a paper with sun light using lens; it will not get burnt out if you don’t make the light focused on the paper. Success in IAS exam is also the result of focus. Try to focus on the exam and be aware of everything what you learn. Be loyal and regular, try to always speak truth, this will change your whole life too.

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Who don’t deserve UPSC- Difficult

There are many aspirants who will say you that UPSC-IAS exam is the toughest exam in the world. They all fall under this category. UPSC-IAS exam is always tough for all those aspirants who are having these qualities.


There are many aspirants who know the standard of IAS exam but they are not serious about their effort. They always ignore everything about the advancement of this exam. They only say,” Leave it friends, we will do it tomorrow”. Yes for sure UPSC-IAS exam is difficult for them.

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There few aspirants who study 10-12 hours in a day and leave their preparation for rest of the week. And after one week they start the same procedure. My friend this strategy is not going to work in IAS exam. Discipline is needed the most if you want to go into the depth of any subject. You need to study regularly to know the concept. Discipline is a thumb rule to prepare for all types of competition exams.

Person with negative thinking

I have seen many candidates who never smile. They look always upset and talk less even with their family members. They are the persons with negative attitude. They think that their life is over and there is nothing left for them. Try to be positive all the time, because it’s your motivation that will put fuel in your engine to work more and more.

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