List of confusing words in English Language from A to M: There are many words on English language that sounds exactly same but their meaning is completely different from each other. These words are called confusing words. These types of confusing words create problem in communication (How to improve English communication skills?) and writing. Here I am giving you a list of confusing words in English language from A to M. The list of confusing words contains letters from A to M.

List of confusing words in English Language from A to M


Ex- She accepted my request.

Except-(leave out)

Ex- All except Jenny was present.



Ex- I have no access to the principal.


Ex-Excess of everything is bad.



Ex-He did not listen to my advice.

Advise-(the act of giving a recommendation)

Ex-He advises me to work hard.


Angel-(holy person)

Ex-Ruth saw an angel in her dream.


Ex-Draw an angel of 90.



Ex-Hard work affected my health.


Ex-The medicine has no effect on me.


Accident-(an unfortunate mishap)

Ex-Mark was killed in a car accident.


Ex-Tell me an interesting incident of your life.

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Ate-(second form of eat)

Ex-I ate an apple.

Eight-(the number after seven)

Ex-She has eight balls.


Bear-(an animal)

Ex- I saw a bear in the zoo.


Ex-Do not walk bare-footed.



Ex-Today is my birth-day.

Berth-(a bunk in a ship)

Ex-I have got my berth reserved.



Ex-Do not blow the whistle.


Ex-Do not hit below the belt.


Billed-(charge a fee, second form of bill)

Ex-I have to pay my telephone bill.


Ex-I build Jack’s office.


Buy-(to purchase something)

Ex-Jenny wants to buy this book.


Ex-Smith goes to school by bus.


Blue-(a color)

Ex-The sky is blue.

Blew-(second form of blow)

Ex-He blew a whistle.


Band-(a musical group)

Ex-I like this band.


Ex-Adam’s website has banned.


Bad-(poor quality)

Ex- Adam is a bad boy.

Bed-(place to sleep)

Ex- He is lying in bed.



Ex- Mark was released on bail.


Ex- He bought two bales of cotton.


Beside– (near)

Ex-Sit beside me.

Besides– (except)

Ex- Money for money and interest besides.



Ex- It is my bridal ring.

Bridle-(driver control)

Ex- Arlen bought a bridle for his horse.



Ex- My cycle has no brakes.


Ex- Don’t break my pencil.

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Ex-The cattle are grazing in the field.

Kettle-(a type of pot)

Ex-Place the kettle on the stove.


Cold– (icy, freezing)

Ex-It is very cold today.

Cool-(chill, low temperature)

Ex-Ice cools water.


Caste-(social class)

Ex- I am Gupta by caste.


Ex-The hunter cast a net to catch the birds.


Cheque-(bank check)

Ex-He gave me 50000 Rs. cheque.

Check– (verification)

Ex-Check your answer.


Canvas-(a rough cloth)

Ex-Tents are made for canvass.

Canvass-(relating to publicity)

Ex-They are canvassing for votes.



Ex-There are many cites in Gita.(It is a holy book of Hindu religion.)

Site-(plot, area, place)

Ex-This is the new site of our school.


Ex-I believe in love at first sight.


Course-(syllabus, curriculum)

Ex-We have finished our course.

Coarse-(rough, scratchy)

Ex-This is a coarse cloth.


Conscience-(a sense of right or wrong, moral sense)

Ex. She told the truth for her conscious sake

Conscious– (aware or awake)

Ex. Jenny is a conscious girl.


Die-(decease, dead)

Ex -He did for his country.


Ex -Dye my shirt red.


Desert-(lifeless region)

Ex -Sahara is a desert.

Dessert-(sweet dish eaten at the end of a food)

Ex -Would you like to eat ice cream?


Dear-(lovely, darling, nice)

Ex -Bobby is dear to med.

Deer-(a type of animal)

Ex -I saw many deer in the zoo.


Devise- (plan, create)

Ex -We need to device new answers to old problems.

Device – (a plan or method for a particular goal)

Ex -A clever device will be helpful for you.


Dairy-(a place where milk or milk products are produce and sold)

Ex -We buy milk from the Mother Dairy

Diary-(a book in which one keeps a daily experience)

Ex –Do not touch that it’s my personal diary.


Discover-(find, search)

Ex -Columbus discovered America.


Ex -Edison invented gramophone.


Dose-(amount or quantity of a drug)

Ex -Take one dose of medicine daily.

Doze-(sleep lightly)

Ex -He was dozing in the class.


Draft-(order of payment)

Ex -It is a draft of State bank of India.

Drought-(lack of rain)

Ex -The crop failed owing to drought.

Draught-(a single act of drinking)

Ex –He drank the beer at one draught.

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Ex-The medicine has no effect on me.


Ex-Hard work affected my health.


Elder-(first born)

Ex-Ruth is my elder sister.

Older-(mature, aged)

Ex-Jenny is older than Elena.


Eligible-(qualified, fit, suitable)

Ex-He is eligible for this post.


Ex-Your hand-writing is illegible.


Farmer-(a person who works in field)

Ex-The farmer is ploughing the field.


Ex-Adam and Mark are my two brothers. The former is my best friend.


Form-(type, kind, class)

Ex-Adam knows various dance form.

Farm-(an area and its land or land which is used for growing crops)

Ex-The farmer is working in the farm.


Fair-(treating people equally)

T Ex-he teachers are fair for their children.

Fair-(an exhibition)

Ex-We went to see the fair.

Fare-(charge or payment for transport or journey)

Ex-I have paid the fair.

Fare-(food, meals)

Ex-Mark takes simple fare.


Floor-(the lower surface of a building)

Ex-He is working on ground floor.

Flour-(a powder made by grains)

Ex-Bread is made of flour.


For-(a preposition)

Ex-I did it for your good.

Four-(a number which comes after three)

Ex-I have four wrist watches.

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Ex-The horse jumped over the gate.

Gait-(a person’s way of walking or stepping)

Ex-She has a charming gait.


Heal-(become healthy again)

Ex-The wound will soon heal up.

Heel-(the back part of the human foot)

Ex-He has a wound in his heel.



Ex-I can’t hear your voice.

Here-(at this place)

Ex-Please sit here.


House-(the place where people live for few days)

Ex-There is nobody in the house.

Home-(the place where people live permanently)

Ex-He went his home last Friday.


Hole-(unfilled, hollow)

Ex-A rat lives in hole.

Whole-(complete, entire)

Ex-She read the whole book.


Herd-(a group of animals)

Ex-I saw a herd of buffalo in the field.

Heard-(listen to)

Ex-We have heard your story.


Hair-(thread like strands growing from skin of human)

Ex-Her hairs are very shinny.


Ex-A hare runs very fast.


Hour-(sixty minutes)

Ex-I have spent last three hour with my family.

Our-(possessive pronoun)

Ex-You should join our club.


Idle-(lazy, a person who avoiding work)

Ex-Jack is an idle man.

Ideal-(perfect, most suitable)

Ex-I want an ideal girl for marriage.


Industrial-(a place where things are manufactured, factory)

Ex-This is the industrial area of my city.


Ex-Ruth is a hard-working student.

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In-(a preposition, inside)

Ex-She is in the room.

Inn-(small hotel, resort)

Ex-He stood at the door of the inn.


Knew-(past tense of know)

Ex-I knew him

New-(current, present day)

Ex-Is it your new shirt?


Know-(aware, have knowledge)

Ex-Do you know about that girl?

No-(for negative response)

Ex-I have no money for you.


Ex-This is my last chance.

Latest-(new, current, fresh, fashionable)

Ex-What is the latest news?


Letter-(a written message which is sent by post)

Ex-Can you post my letter?

Latter-(Second last)

Ex-Austin and Axel are two brothers. The latter is my fast friend.


Ex-She will call me later.


Loose-(opposite of tight)

He wears a loose shirt.

Lose-(defeat, fail)

I don’t want to lose this game.


Loathe-(hate, abhor)

Ex-I loathe that boy.


Ex-I am loath to take admission in private college for poor teaching standard.



Ex-She married a handsome boy.

Merry-(cheerful, happy, glad)

Ex-Let us make merry.


Meet-(come face to face, make contact)

Ex-I met to my friend last night.

Meat-(a flesh of an animal or fish or bird)

Ex-She doesn’t like to eat meat.


Mail-(post, correspondence)

Ex-I will mail you tomorrow.

Male-(masculine, he)

She has no male issue.

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Made-(created, constructed)

She gave me a bag which was made up of leather.

Maid-(a female servant)

My maid will not come today.


Morning-(sun rise time, starts of the day)

I get up early in the morning.

Mourning-(sorrow, grief, sadness)

Mark is in mourning the loss of his mother.


Many-(represent to a large number of people or object)

There are many people in the party.

Much-(represent to a large amount)

How much money do you want?


Miner-(a person who works in mine, digger)

Accident happened when the miners were working.

Minor-(a person who is under the age of full legal responsibility, child)

Miners are not allowed to climb upon the hill.


Moot-(arguable, debate, discussion)

A useless moot session was held in the company.

Mute-(silent, unspoken, voiceless)

You should mute your mobile tone in the class.

Metal-(a chemical element)

My watch is made up of

Mettle-(bravery, spirit)

A mettle approach is required to win this game.

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