Reading comprehension tips for students: In most of English exams to go abroad, reading comprehension skills are needed. Reading comprehension checks your English and way of understanding. It is all depends upon your awareness and confidence that how you read the comprehension passage and how you choose the correct answers. We have write an article that how to improve reading comprehension skills.

One cannot get to know where these reading comprehension passages come from. They can be picked from natural science, social science, economic system and humanities. Council takes passages from best newspapers, magazines, text books, biography and journals. It is same as we read in our academics but it is more complex, understanding and with advanced vocabulary. With some tips, you will be able in reading comprehension effectively. So here are some reading comprehension tips for students.

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Reading comprehension tips for students

Build a large knowledge base

It is truly said that your past knowledge will help you very little in reading comprehension. But still the large knowledge base of students helps them a lot in understanding what author is try to say in the reading comprehension. I build my knowledge base by reading newspapers, magazines, journals and surely with the help of internet. Read our article that how internet is useful in career and education.

Never make assumptions

Most of the students make this mistake. They try to give answers by making their own assumptions. Students should answer the question on the basis of information given in the comprehension passages. If they try to assume, it means that they are willing to cast outer knowledge in their answer which always goes wrong.

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Starting and ending paragraphs should be focused

Some time very lengthy paragraphs are given in the comprehension passage. At that time, students should read the opening and ending paragraph. These paragraphs contain the main idea of the comprehension passages and that can save a lot of your time (how to manage time for study). If questions are asked from the middle then you can go back to read them.

Easy first and hard last

It should be a thumb rule for the students that they will definitely do the easy part first and hard part in the last. Few students waste most of the time in solving typical questions. They solve these typical questions when all the time has been passes away. I have seen many students who leave all the easy questions just for answering the typical questions.

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Don’t go out of comprehension

In reading comprehension passages, outer knowledge always kills students. All the comprehension passages are designed in this way that no one needs outer knowledge to answer the questions. Try to be in the comprehension passages and answer the question on the basis of information given in comprehension.

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Understand before you answer

If you start answering without reading the comprehension passages carefully then this may hurt you. It is essential that you read the comprehension carefully by understanding its main idea. Check out our article how to meditate deeply to increase concentration.

Note the main points and underline them

When you read the comprehension passages, underline all the main points that contain the important information about the paragraph. These notes will help you when you start answering. You will be provided some rough sheets. Use them and make notes on them that can help you in not forgetting the key points of comprehension passages.

Never go so fast

It is true that few exams like GMAT gives comprehension passages to check the speed of the student. But as we all know speed always kills. Slowly reading comprehension passages is the only way to answer all the questions rightly. It is also told in English learning centers and schools. If you go fast to save your time, surely you will not get good marks in the exam. Yes in some situation, you need to answer very fast but try to read at least first and last paragraph carefully to answer the questions.

These are the reading comprehension tips for students. I hope you like our article. If you feel any problem then please comment below. Also share your experience how you read comprehension in your academics.