Role of confidence in speaking and learning English language: English speaking has become a nightmare for many of us. It is like a battle for us that needs to be won. And we can’t just ignore how English is important in our career and education as English is an international language. So it is a necessary that we learn English language. For this purpose we do everything, we join many English learning schools and centers. But still we don’t get know that how to learn English.

Have you ever noticed the main reason for this problem?

The main reason behind this problem is our confidence. You know everything about English grammar, you know all the rules, and you know all the tips for how to improve English communication and speaking skills. But it is your lack of confidence that put you behind the race. Let me explain this with a story. With the help of this story of Flanks Martin, you will get to know the role of confidence in speaking and learning English.

Role of confidence in speaking and learning English language

Flanks Martin is a Head Engineer in an MNC. He used to handle the top level project and a big team. He is very fluent in English language. One day the CEO of the company called him for a meeting. The CEO of that company was very strict and everyone used to feel nervous in front of him. As a result of which Martin was just not able to speak in English with him in the meeting. Also he was not even replying to his CEO. Everything went wrong in the meeting.

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It was a really bad experience for him. I met him, and he told me everything about his bad experience with CEO. He told me that it was just because of his confidence that he was not able to speak in front of the CEO. So it is not about your knowledge of English, it’s all about your confidence. One needs to be confidant when he/she is speaking in English.

It is not just about English, whatever the task you do; it’s your confidence that will help you to make that task possible. So it is always better that you always be motivated and self esteemed when learning English.

It was all about the story of Flanks Martin. I hope you got our message that what is the Role of confidence in speaking and learning English language? And I hope you enjoyed this whole article. If you feel any problem regarding this topic and you want to add few more points then hit comments button so that we can polish us too.