Student responsibilities in learning English: We the students are supposed as the future of the country. Without great students no country can even thing about development. The whole responsibility is of teachers to develop great students. They build confidence and self esteem in us. And learning English is all about confidence. As far as I am concerned, there are few teachers who don’t put their loyal efforts in studying students.

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About all the teachers want that their students should be the best persons of the world. They do everything they can do for the students to make them a right person regarding career and education or life. They teach how to choose a right career path. They give you awesome tips to improve English communication skills. But do you really think that the whole responsibility is just of teachers. There are few students who just spoil their whole life by doing some useless tasks. Students need to understand that they are equally important in their success in career.

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So here I am telling you some responsibility that students must have in learning English

Student responsibilities in learning English

Practice at h ome

English needs practice. Your teacher can teach you whole English grammar step by step. He can teach you how to improve your English vocabulary skills but it is up to you that how you practice all these things at home.

Time management skills

All the students have same time limit to complete a particular project or assignment. But few of them performs so well in Speaking English and rest perform average or below average. It is all about the time management skill of students. Bright students always know how to manage time for study. They understand their responsibility that if they got stuck in study interruptions then they will not be studying any more.

Always Obey your teachers

Teachers always want to help you, and they try to equal for all the students. Those Students who obey their students are always good in the class or outside the class in English. But there are few students too who never respect their teachers, they are kind of stubborn. They never succeed in their life. Students always obey their teacher because they are like God.

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Be health conscious

I have seen many bookworms who spend most of the time in studying text books, newspapers or all the educational materials to make their English fast. Yes, these are important for a student, but do you think that being a bookworm can serve you anything. Mentally retarded students cannot speak in front of anyone. So students need to be health conscious, they should medicate daily deeply to overcome all the diseases.

Play games

Games are very important part of our life. They keep us fit and healthy. Also students who play game have more concentration power than others. English needs a lot of concentration to understand its difficult English grammar. But these days, students are playing video games or they just spend all the time on social networking sites. Of course, social networking site are important in our career and education. But being addicted to them always harm. Students should come out and do some physical activities.

Always eager to Learn

Few students never take English lecture serious; they just get bored after few minutes. But few students are so eager to learn that they attend the classes after the school or coaching classes time. One must be hungry to gain knowledge. Your teacher cannot do anything f you don’t want to learn. It is your responsibility to take interest in study.

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These are the Student responsibilities in learning English. I hope you enjoyed our article. If you ask anything about English then please comment below.